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Democracy Cup

Democracy Cup

There are more than 80,000 high school juniors and seniors in Oregon. Through hands-on classroom civics workshops organized around the state, the Bus Project Foundation will meet students where they are, engaging a new generation of Oregonians as active civic participants in their communities. Together, we’ll build the kind of Oregon we all want.

Visit or read on for more information on how to get involved.

For Teachers

How It Works

  • Contact us to set up a time for one of our Democracy Mentors—a diverse and engaging group of talented young professionals—to give a 40 minute classroom workshop
  • Your regional Democracy Mentor will identify student leaders to be Democracy Captains for the school. These Captains will work with their peers to register all eligible students to vote.
  • The school that helps register the most people to vote by the registration deadline brings home the cup.
  • There are two divisions, rural and urban, and both divisional winners will be recognized at our Halloween Get Out The Vote extravaganza: Trick or Vote.

Classroom Workshops

  • Teach the ins-and-outs of our public decision-making process through engaging and interactive lessons
  • Train students in effective public speaking
  • Give eligible students the opportunity to register to vote and teach them the basics of participating in our democracy

For Students

We’re looking for talented, magnetic and passionate high school juniors and seniors to organize their peers and lead their schools to victory as Democracy Captains. This is your chance to be a hero in your school (and bling out your trophy case).

Democracy Captains Will…

  • Empower your peers, family, and community members
  • Connect with a local young professional (Democracy Mentor) to support your efforts and personal leadership development
  • Hone your skills in community organizing, outreach, and public speaking skills
  • Bolster your resumes with impressive titles and responsibilities
  • Earn the admiration of your peers and maybe, just maybe, win the heart of that crush you’ve had since 7th grade (we can’t make any promises, though)

There are two divisions, rural and urban, and both divisional winners will be recognized at our Halloween Get Out The Vote extravaganza: Trick or Vote.

For Rising Leaders, Age 21-35

Democracy Mentors Will…

Forge Deep Connections with Their Communities

  • Attend a full day training in Salem on March 10th to learn the program and connect with other rising leaders like yourself
  • Build relationships with local teachers and administrations, you will bring five new local schools into Democracy Cup

Empower Hundreds of High School Students

  • Lead 2-4 classroom workshops each month of the school year at your regional high schools alongside your partner coach. Workshops teach students core concepts in civics and educate them on how they can become involved in our democracy
  • Identify & support 5 student Democracy Captains through classroom workshops, one at each high school, and will work with them to achieve their goals
  • Manage and track the processing of volunteer data and voter registration cards in compliance with Oregon law

Drive The Personal and Civic Development of New Leaders

  • Serve as a positive role model and mentor to Democracy Captains by teaching them skills in student outreach and workshop coordination

Develop Their Own Skills as Leaders

  • Through direct trainings and hands-on experience, develop skills in effective public speaking, project management, and collaborative problem solving
  • Meet local elected officials and expand your professional network

To honor your service, Democracy Mentors will receive an honorarium of $150.

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