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Trick or Vote

Scare out the vote.

Trick or Vote is the nation’s largest get-out-the-vote effort … in costume. Founded in Oregon in 2004, Trick or Vote is a vehicle for engaging young volunteers to increase voter turnout.

According to a 2001 Yale study, face-to-face interaction is the single best way to get someone to vote. Knocking on doors increases voter turnout by a whopping 8-12%, more than any other method.

If knocking on doors is the best way to get out the vote, what is the one day each year people expect a knock on their door? Halloween.

And when does Halloween happen to fall on the calendar? Always a few days before the election.

So, while you may be too old to Trick or Treat, you’re never too old to Trick or Vote.

Lovers o’ democracy in Oregon have been getting their fright on with Trick or Vote for years through the Bus’s signature events that have drawn thousands of volunteers to premier venues like the Crystal Ballroom and Wonder Ballroom. They’ve knocked tens of thousands of doors and then danced the night away to Portland’s ghoulest bands: the Lifesavas, Blind Pilot, March Fourth, DJ Beyonda, and more.

Even more amazing, Trick or Vote has been going national the last several cycles, with hundreds of events taking place in dozens of states across the country. Don’t believe us? Here’s what CNN had to say in 2010.

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