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Smart political talk, with a kick.


Good people + good drink + (mostly) good ideas


BrewHaHa is the Bus’s regular public forum in in PDX. It’s a place for regular folks to grab a tasty beverage, meet some fine people and find out more about whatever’s getting people riled up in politics these days.

The critical ingredients:

  • A panel full of smarty-pantses
  • A crowd of cutting-edge Oregonians
  • A hot hot hot topic
  • Plenty of strong drink

If you want to learn more about what’s going on in your community or your state (or meet other rakish do-gooders), you’d best be at the next BrewHaHa.

Candidates Gone Wild

Your one-stop shop for middle aged City Councilors in form-fitting leather.


Candidates Gone Wild isn’t a replacement for traditional debates, it’s a whole different deal. Every election since 2004, Candidates Gone Wild has shown you the real side of your local politicians (what makes them special/weird/awesome/like you in a way that makes you both happy and uncomfortable). It still holds the record for most attended local candidate debate in Oregon history. At Candidates Gone Wild, you laugh, you cry, you feel hella awkward and you love it.

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