What We Do

Get with the programs.

Bus volunteers use people power to do great stuff for democracy. This stuff, in particular:

The Vote Bus

Bringin’ sweet, sweet democracy to thousands of Oregonians. We help our generation (the most diverse in American history) build power in politics by registering them to vote, reminding them to vote and helping them change the world. Whether it’s by a swarm of volunteers on a VoteBot Invasion or by a massive glow-in-the-dark get-out-the-vote phonebank, we help Oregonians get their voices heard.

Find out more about The Vote Bus.

Trick or Vote

A giant group of ghosts and goblins gettin’ out the vote. It turns out the best way to get somebody to vote is to knock on their door & remind them to (that’s not us talking, that’s science!). Any kid can tell you that people already expect a knock on their door on Halloween, which is always a few days before every big election. So, you may be too old to Trick or Treat, but you’re never too old to Trick or Vote. Get with hundreds of rad people, don a kickin’ costume and remind thousands of people to vote on one spooky night.

Look a little deeper into Trick or Vote.


A one-of-a-kind democracy bootcamp. Every summer, 24 of the most talented young leaders America has to offer descend on Portland, Oregon to get the skills and know-how to change the world. In 10 short weeks, PolitiCorps Fellows get organizing trainings from the experts, craft their own field plans and execute them together. When they’re done, they’re ready to empower their communities and use grassroots politics to tackle our biggest challenges.

Check out PolitiCorps if you want to apply, or just learn more about why it’s awesome.

Bus Forums

Bringin’ you all the political info you want, with all the spice you can’t live without. We team up with the Portland Mercury in PDX and the Eugene Weekly in Lane County for BrewHaHas: innovative mini-shows where smart people argue about important stuff while you drink tasty beverages and get some dialogue going. Since 2004, we’ve teamed up with Willamette Week on Candidates Gone Wild, where local politicians show themselves off (dirty laundry and all) for everyone to see.

Learn yerself up about BrewHaHa and Candidates Gone Wild.

Makin’ Policy

Bus peeps use democracy for good. We advocate, testify & help make good ideas into good laws. We connect regular folks with the levers of power and innovate wherever possible.

Learn more about makin’ policy.

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