Not your gramma’s political bootcamp.

PolitiCorps is the Bus Project’s 10-week fellowship consisting of hands-on campaign skills training, innovative public policy intensives, and real-world applications of leadership skills and campaign savvy.

PolitiCorps Fellows come from every state in the nation, and from a wide variety of experiential and cultural backgrounds. They learn new ways to think about the world, but PolitiCorps is not just a school of thought. It’s a place where Fellows learn by doing, and make a real difference every day. PolitiCorps Summer Institute includes tutorials, trainings, mentorship, and field work that has tangible results: voters registered and educated, communities organized and mobilized, and campaigns won.

PolitiCorps is building a deeper, more inclusive bench for the public good. Since 2005, PolitiCorps has graduated over 200+ young people, catapulting them into careers of public service. PolitiCorps graduates now work in every level of government, staff the halls of leading non-profits and businesses, and run campaigns that change the world.

To learn more, visit politicorps.org. Email our leadership coordinator, Amy at Amy@busproject.org.

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