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Consider us the Good News Bears

Volunteers are the heart & soul of the Bus, but these are the people who are at Bus Central every day. Come play with us!

Tara SulzenTara Sulzen, Captain Planner (Executive Director) 

Tara is a democracy Jill of All Trades. She’s been an organizer, an advocate, a fundraiser, a mentor, and a holder of a fancy Masters in Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State. What can’t she do? (Answer: crafts.) Since getting on the Bus as a PolitiCorps Fellow way back in 2007, she’s organized the Candidates Gone Wild debate, the Rebooting Democracy conference, and the Bus Trips mass canvass program, and most recently served as the Vice-Chair of the Bus Foundation Board. Betwixt her Bus gigs, Tara helped American cities get smarter and greener as a Program Administrator for Portland State’s Urban Sustainability Accelerator (otherwise known as USA, chanting ensues), and protected farmland from getting paved the heck over as Outreach Director for 1000 Friends of Oregon. Don’t be fooled by her singsongy voice and friendly demeanor, either. She will cut you. In line. If she’s really in a hurry.

aylinnAylinn Inmon, Jubilead (Leadership Development Coordinator)

Aylinn will be supervising the PolitiCorps fellows and ensuring they’re on track to meet their own professional goals and develop as strong leaders for progressive change. She’ll be working to expand our leadership development programs year-round. She’s also a rock-star (having started out as a Forward Montana Pink Bunny) canvasser and recruiter herself, setting the example for our crew.

aaronAaron Brown, Recruiternaut (Outreach Coordinator)

Aaron will be leading our voter registration and issue campaign initiatives. He comes to the Bus after previous stints working with the BTA and The Interwine Alliance. He is currently Board President for Oregon Walks, the state’s pedestrian advocacy organization. He spends his spare time frolicking on the Oregon coast, fixing his oft-broken bicycle and losing his voice amidst the Timbers Army.

timTim Moore, Professor Xtraordinaire (Program Associate)

This Portland native is stoked to be back in his hometown after a long sojourn. After graduating from Southern Oregon University with a degree in communications, Tim spent a year teaching English to rugrats in Taiwan. Now that he’s back in a city he knows and loves, Tim helps wake up fellow Millennnials by bringing Democracy Cup to high schools and youth programs around Oregon. He has experience with communications, planning, outreach and he can’t wait for Halloween.


Ebony Oldham, Iron Plan (Organizer)




hannah how

Hannah Howell, Ghost Planner (Organizer)





Rita Ombaka, Third Culture King Cobra (Organizer) 


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