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The Fellows

2014 Year of Service Fellows

IsaacAmbrusoIsaac Ambruso is a recently graduated student of Political Science from Pacific University in Forest Grove. He thoroughly enjoys a good chess game, good company and a good book in equal measure. He is an avid policy enthusiast and he loves a good debate on almost any topic and is a huge history buff.  He loves to speak in any languages he can, which are English and Chinese for the time being. He likes to use his second language whenever possible in order to improve. He looks forward to working with PolitiCorps this year and can’t wait to start learning more about the world of politics!

MaggieDuffyOriginally from Dallas, TX, Maggie Duffy is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Anthropology, Latino Studies, and Peace Studies. After taking Border Issues seminar during my sophomore year, she became deeply interested in immigration from Mexico. Since then, she has interned with an immigration lawyer through the National Immigrant Justice Center, volunteered with the humanitarian organization No More Deaths, and returned to serve as the student leader for the same Border Issues seminar that first ignited my passion. She hopes to find a career in which she can continue to be an advocate for immigrants and for human rights. Her ideal day would be spent backpacking through southern Chile, but she’s just as pleased with good music, good friends, and some good grub.

DinahFoleyDinah Foley grew up in Olympia, Washington and moved to Portland in 2006. She’s moved away from this city twice; once to work on farms in Hawaii and Southeast Asia and once to teach English in Taiwan. She’s close to completing a BA in Political Science at Portland State University and hopes to focus her future education and work on the promotion of social and environmental justice and improving access and equality in the political system. One of her early adulthood indiscretions was the participation in competitive unicycling, but since then she’s (mostly) abandoned her dreams of mastering the circus arts.

DillonHarveyFrom moving out as a teenager while living on Long Island, NY and his experience at Brandeis University, Dillon C. Harvey (AKA Dil) has consistently seen the beauty of “paying it forward.” Without the kindness and mentorship of others he certainly would not have benefited from or known about the opportunities presented to me in the past. As a recent graduate with an independent interdisciplinary major in Critical Race and Sexuality Studies alongside a minor in Legal Studies, Dil is now searching for a new environment so that he may continue to give back in a way that engages his passion to provide safe spaces and access to currently underprivileged communities, particularly queer homeless youth. Through the recognition and embrace of both his racial and queer identities, Dil has ascertained new levels of self-love and acceptance and learned how crucial such things are to be a complete and sustainable individual. His goal is to cultivate and share resources and opportunities for those who have also come from and currently face struggles that hinder self-discovery and active communal and political participation.

DavidLefflerA native of Austin, Texas and a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, David Leffler has finally discovered a city rad enough and an organization meaningful enough to draw him away from his hometown. His two loves in life up to this point have been sports and writing, which he was able to roll up into one big, beautiful package during his two years as a sports columnist for UT’s newspaper, The Daily Texan. Although he’s a little on the inexperienced side when it comes to politics, he couldn’t be more pumped for the summer and becoming a part the Bus Project family! He’s excited for an adventure.

GusWolffGus Wolff is a 21 year-old from Greenwich, Connecticut (though you will often hear him say he’s from the “New York Area”) who graduated in May from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Political Science & Gender Studies. He is the only Gus that he has ever met who was born as simply ‘Gus’, which means he finds Gustavs, Augustuss, Gustavos, and Anguss to be impostors. In school, he co-created a Queer Resource Center, co-ran the 33rd Gender Studies Symposium, and he has been given honors such as an Emerging Leadership award nomination from the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement. In the greater world, he has served as a senatorial intern in Washington D.C., an operations intern at Cascade AIDS Project, and a policy intern at the City Club of Portland. He is excited about bicycles, wine, television, and graduating from being a perpetual intern to being a PolitiCorps fellow!


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