Our Generation

Millions of saucy people, out to change the world.

It’s not about age; it’s about the age we live in. Our generation has grown up in a time of major change and it’s made us want to keep changing things—for the better.

Nationally, our generation—The Millennials—is the whoppingest generation in US history, more than 80 million strong. Heard of the Baby Boomers and how they’ve driven politics for decades? The Millennial Generation is WAY bigger than them and we are on the cusp of changing the world.

The Millennials were born after Elvis died (1977), and before 9/11/2001. This was all after global warming was discovered (and denied), but before Uggs came back (and were unfortunately not denied). All told, Millennials will be 36% of the voting age population in 2016.

The story is the same – but more so – at the local level. In Oregon, the next generation is by far the most diverse generation in state history. That means Oregon has a lot of work to do to create equity of opportunity, access, and social outcomes.

Here’s the kicker: It’s better than a giant mass of people. It’s a giant mass of people who give a sh**.

  • Marriage equality? We heart it (by a double digit majority, nation-wide)
  • Climate chaos? We know its a BIG problem and we want to fix it now, through innovative solutions (social entrepreneurship, anybody?)
  • Jobs? Oops! We’re the largest unemployed age-group, and this has major lifelong implications for us and the nation.
  • Immigration? Well, 20% of us are either immigrants or the children of immigrants … so you do the math.
  • Voting? We do it. All we need to know is when, where, and how. (But come on people—we can get a credit card online, surely we can get our friends to register to vote there too?)

Don’t take our word for it. Learn more about the rising generation here and here.

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