Our Mission

Democracy, done right.

The Bus Project Foundation engages new folks in democracy, builds a great future and empowers great people to lead it, right here in the great state of Oregon.

We know that the issues we love—things like keeping it green, ramping up the equality, robust health outcomes for all communities, sane economic policies, smart schools, and more accessible & effective government—can be fundamentally transformed at the state level. Which also happens to be where we can make the most difference (and provide an example for the country/world/galaxy). So that’s what we do. Oh yeah, and and did we mention that you can play a leading role?

Driving votes.

Democracy works better when more people do it, so we make that happen. We register hella voters (especially underrepresented folks like young people & people of color) all year round, then we pull out all the stops to help them get their ballots in come election time.

Driving leaders.

Oregon needs a new generation of leaders and we think you’re probably one of them. Bus people are building a network of do-gooders who look out for each other, learn from one another and keep each other from selling out. Because we try to develop leaders in whatever we do, we put the power in your hands. You make democracy happen. You learn how to do it better. And you figure out how to run things, because pretty soon you’re going to have to.

Driving change.

Our democracy can make life better for regular people, but it takes a lot of work. There is a bunch of money and power out there and not much of it is working for the side of good. But when passionate people get together and get organized, we can make our communities stronger, fairer and more sustainable.

We’re workin’ hard to build a democracy that is accessible to every one of its citizens, supports equality amongst its people and is bold enough to think ahead & build a tomorrow that is better than today.

To do that, we get people talkin’ about the biggest issues of the day, support future-minded policy and do democracy’s greatest, hardest work: having meaningful one-on-one conversations with thousands upon thousands of voters.

And about that Bus…

Yes, you can totally ride on it.

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