How do you pay for the Bee Line bus?

The fare for one bus ride is $2.75. Fares and MetroCard.

Cash and MetroCard Fares Effective Sunday April 21, 2019
Coins – no pennies, no bills
One ride with one free paper transfer to Bee – Line buses, NYC buses. $2.75 $1.35
Pay -Per-Ride MetroCard
One ride with one free transfer to Bee – Line buses, NYC buses and subways $2.75 $1.35


Does the B line run on Sunday?

On Sunday, Route 20 is the only route currently in operation and that will continue. Since some routes do not currently operate on Saturday, they will run a modified schedule M-F.

How much is the smart bus fare?


Fares Fixed Route Park & Ride
General (19-64 Years) $2.00 $2.50
Reduced Fare
Youth (6-18 Years) $0.50 $1.00
Older Adults (65+ Years) $0.50 $1.00

What does bee line mean?

beelined; beelining; beelines. Definition of beeline (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb.: to go quickly in a straight direct course.

Are Westchester buses free?

Bus trips on Westchester County’s Bee-Line system will continue to be free when full service resumes on Monday. All passengers must wear masks covering their mouth and nose for the entire time they are on the bus and riders are encouraged to sit at least six feet apart whenever possible.

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How often does the B line come?

B-Line (Sydney)

Level Daily
Frequency 3-4 minutes (peak) up to 10 minutes (off-peak)
Journey time 65 minutes
Timetable Transport for NSW


Is bus fare still free in Detroit?

Free bus rides in Detroit and its suburbs are ending soon. Beginning March 15, the Detroit Department of Transportation and Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation plan to resume fare collections, which were suspended almost one year ago as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

How long is a bus transfer good for?

This new 1-Way Trip fare includes free transfers for up to two hours to complete a one-way trip.

How much does it cost to ride the Ddot?

How much does it cost to ride the bus? Full and reduced fares are available for Dart regional and DDOT passes. The 4-hour pass is $2 and the 24-hour pass is $5. Please visit Transportation Fares for more information.

Do bees fly in straight lines?

As the bee flies its straight line and returning loops, it vibrates its wings and waggles its abdomen. By doing so, the bee moves the air around it, allowing other bees near it to learn the location of the food by the change in air movement.

What is making a beeline?

: to go quickly and directly at or to (something or someone) He made a beeline for the kitchen.

Is a beeline straight?

A: The noun “ beeline,” the Oxford English Dictionary explains, refers to “a straight line between two points on the earth’s surface, such as a bee was supposed instinctively to take in returning to its hive.”

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