Are COTA buses still free 2021?

COTA will reinstate fares beginning Monday, January 11, 2021. For more information visit Standard service operates throughout the day between 15-30 minutes apart. Frequent service operates throughout the day every 15 minutes or better.

How late do COTA buses run?

Fixed-Route Service ( Buses ) – All COTA fixed-route service currently operates on their same schedules seven days a week and that will continue on Christmas and New Year’s Day. There will be no interruption in services and will operate from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Are COTA buses still free?

The Central Ohio Transit Authority plans to maintain free bus service for riders for the foreseeable future, possibly through the end of the year, even as it struggles with less revenue.

How do you catch a COTA bus?

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Plan Ahead. Know where you want to go and when. Use Trip Planner to plan a trip. View Bus Stops to find stops near your location.
  2. Pay the Fare. Pay Cash. You must have exact cash fare.
  3. Signal to Stop. Signal to stop by pulling the yellow cord above the window. Stops are announced ahead of time.
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Do COTA buses run all night?

The service runs every half-hour beginning at 8:15 p.m. northbound and running until 4:24 a.m. southbound. The possibility of eliminating the Night Owl service due to declining ridership was first raised by the agency at public-comment meetings in January.

Where can I buy a monthly Cota pass?

Do you need a new pass? You can buy a new COTA pass at the Customer Experience Center or one of our Ticket Vending Machines (Customer Experience Center at 33 N. High St, the COTA North Terminal at 33 W. Spring St., Northland Transit Center, Easton Transit Center, and at John Glenn International Airport).

How does Cota plus work?

Customers can request a ride using the COTA // Plus mobile app. Within 15 minutes, a COTA // Plus vehicle that is operated by a COTA driver will respond and arrive to the pick-up location. Accessible vehicles available upon request.

Is Cota closed?

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, has closed its doors indefinitely and laid off “half” its staff amid the financial turmoil caused by the coronavirus. CoTA will shut its doors indefinitely following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Does Cota have an app?

Get a Card or Download The App Scan and Ride: Simply open your COTA Connector App, tap “My Connector,” tap “Pay As You Go,” and select your pass. After you choose your pass, a QR code will pop-up. Scan your code on the farebox and ride.

Do COTA buses take debit cards?

The Central Ohio Transit Authority has introduced COTA Connector, a new app that allows riders to transfer money from credit and debit cards and bank accounts on to the app so they can use it to pay bus fares. Downtown, or by ordering one through or the agency’s customer service line at 614-228-1776.

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How much is Cincinnati bus?

$2.00 fare for all Hamilton County local routes, $2.65 fare for all Hamilton County express routes, $3.75 fare for suburban county express routes that serve Warren, Butler and Clermont counties.

Is Cota charged?

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Central Ohio Transit Authority ( COTA ) will soon reinstate fares for customers after temporarily suspending them at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 14, customers will be able to purchase new passes or have their expired passes replaced at no charge.

Are COTA buses safe?

How Safe is it to Ride Cota? COTA buses are very safe. COTA’s number one priority is the safety and security of our passengers and employees. Every bus is equipped with security cameras for your safety.

Is Cota free for OSU students?

The long-standing partnership between The Ohio State University and COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) allows Ohio State students who are assessed the COTA fee unlimited access to any and all COTA lines using their valid BuckID (as long as they are enrolled in courses).

Are the buses still free in Columbus Ohio?

COTA will resume charging fares starting in January, ending free bus rides available since March because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Central Ohio Transit Authority suspended fares in March and switched to passenger boarding and exit from rear doors only.

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