How much does the bxm1 cost?

With the bonus eliminated, the effective fare now matches the base fare of $2.75. In addition to the per-ride increases, seven-day passes increased from $32 to $33. Seven-day express bus passes increased from $59.50 to $62.

How do you pay for the bxm1 bus?

All of our buses and +SelectBusService Coin Fare Collector machines accept exact fare in coins. Dollar bills, pennies, and half-dollar coins are not accepted.

Can I use unlimited MetroCard on express bus?

You can ‘t use a regular Unlimited Ride MetroCard on express buses. You can only use a 7-day Express Bus Plus MetroCard.

How do I get a reduced fare on the NYC subway?

Reduced fares are available for riders who are 65 or older or have a qualifying disability. Our step-by-step instructions walk you through the application process. Option 1: Apply by mail

  1. Download and complete an application.
  2. Include a passport-style photo.
  3. Include a copy of a valid ID as proof of age.

Do MTA buses take dollar coins?

All of our buses and +SelectBusService Coin Fare Collector machines accept exact fare in coins. Dollar bills, pennies, and half- dollar coins are not accepted. OMNY is the MTA’s new fare payment system. Use your contactless card or smart device to pay the fare on buses and subways.

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What is the bus fare in NYC?

The base cost of riding a Select Bus Service bus is $2.75, the same as riding the subway or the local or limited-stop bus. Select Bus Service is faster and more reliable than local and limited-stop busses in part because of off-board fare payment on most routes.

Do MTA buses take dollar bills?

Fare machines do not accept dollar bills so subway passengers must first convert bills into dollar coins and then purchase a ticket. In addition to accepting nickels, dimes and quarters, MTA buses also will continue to take in tokens and tickets and honor monthly passes.

How much is a 7 day express bus MetroCard?

The 7 – Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, the 30- Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, and the 7 – Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard costs $33, $127, and $62, respectively. MetroCards produced specifically for use on the JFK AirTrain service to/from JFK Airport are available.

Do you have to pay for MTA bus?

Subways and buses Fare for most riders on subways and local, limited, and Select Bus Service buses: $2.75. Express buses cost $6.75. Pay with a MetroCard, or use contactless payment where OMNY readers are available.

How do you use OMNY on the bus?

How does OMNY work? With OMNY, you can use your own contactless card or smart device to ride with the MTA. Just choose your preferred payment method, tap at an OMNY reader, and go! OMNY supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option now, including free transfers.

What is a fair fare?

Fair Fares NYC (FFNYC) | NYC Human Resources Administration Fair Fares NYC is a City program that helps low-income New Yorkers manage their transportation costs. Eligible New York City residents receive a 50% discount on subway and eligible bus fares, as well as Access-A-Ride paratransit trips.

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Does CUNY give MetroCards?

CUNY ASAP and ACE ASAP and ACE features include tuition waivers for students in receipt of financial aid with a gap need, textbook assistance, and free unlimited MetroCards.

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