How do you read a bus timetable?

To read a bus timetable, look down the left column to find the name of the station you are at. The times that each bus leaves this station are in the same row to the right. Now read downwards from a chosen time to see what time this bus reaches the coming destinations. A bus timetable is written in columns.

How do you read a bus map?

Locate the bus stop on the street. Look for a tall post with a circular sign with a horizontal line. Check the numbers under the stop name to confirm it is the correct stop for your route. Read the stops on the map at eye level to see if the bus goes to your stop.

What does inbound and outbound mean for buses?

Remember: Outbound means buses are traveling away from downtown Worcester and Inbound means buses travel toward downtown Worcester. You can then locate the intersection that is closest to where you want to board the bus.

What does C mean on bus timetable?

Some prefixes have straightforward meanings: C stands for Central; X stands for Express routes; N denotes a Night Bus. With others, the prefix letter designates the place around which the route clusters.

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How do you read a train schedule?

Mark the time you plan to travel. Locate the arrival city on the left side of the train schedule. Once found, drag your finger across the row until it connects with the departure time column. Next, mark the departure time and slowly drag your finger down the column until the point meets with the arrival city.

What does Inbound mean?

The Inbound Definition. So what does Inbound mean? In general, it means anything that is moving inwards or is incoming from another direction. This is important to understand because this idea can easily be applied to marketing, like potential customers that are moving inwards towards a platform or product.

What does P mean on a bus?

You can identify peak time pre-paid buses by the letter ‘ P ‘, in front of the route number, on the bus’s destination board.

What does P stand for on a bus?


Acronym Definition
P – BUS Processor- Bus

What does H mean on a bus?

( H ) on the dashboard and minimap means station brake (I’m not german but it has something to do with Haltestelle being a bus stop:)) Either you activated it by accident by hand (there’s a key bind assigned to Station brake) or the doors or ramp failed to close, thus keeping the automatic station brake on.

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