Where can I buy a Houston Metro bus pass?

How to Buy a Pass

  • From any Metro Customer Center or from one of 400 sales locations throughout LA. Also, view a map of sales outlets.
  • Online at taptogo.net. New cards take approximately one month to arrive in the mail.
  • On-board buses (Day Passes only).
  • From TAP vending machines (TVMs) at Metro Rail stations.

Where can I buy a Phoenix bus pass?

Passes can be purchased from fare vending machines, online, transit centers or at nearly 800 Valley-wide retail locations. Visit valleymetro.org for a complete list. Express/RAPID refers to express bus service, which has an upgraded cost.

Where can I buy an M card?

The M • CARD Kiosk, located in the recently renovated Mitchell International Airport (MKE) Baggage Claim (#1), offers travelers and riders an easy, safe and convenient way to buy an M • CARD.

How do you buy a TAP card?

There are many ways to purchase a TAP card:

  1. On your phone using the TAP App.
  2. In your Apple Wallet on iPhone.
  3. Online at taptogo.net.
  4. Call 866.
  5. Visit a TAP vendor.
  6. Visit a TAP vending machine located at Metro rail and Metro Orange Line stations.
  7. Visit a Metro Customer Service Center.
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Does Houston Metro bus take cash?

Metro’s base fare is $1.75. On Metro bus, you can pay cash each time you board ( bus operators don’t carry change, so you’ll need exact fare) or buy and add up to $20 to a reusable TAP card.

How much is a Metro day pass in Houston?

Experience the card that gives you more – the new METRO Day Pass. Enjoy the benefits of riding local bus and rail service all day long, with just three paid taps of your card. That’s unlimited rides on METRO for just $3 a day!

How much is a 7 day bus pass in Phoenix?

7, 15, and 31 Day Local Passes: 1- Day – $4.00, 7 – Day – $20.00, 15- Day – $33.00 and 31- Day – $64.00.

Do buses take card payments?

Contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for bus travel without needing cash. Look for the contactless symbol on your credit, debit or pre-paid cards. Most new cards are issued with this feature, however, if you’re not sure whether your card is contactless enabled please check with your bank or card issuer.

How much is Phoenix bus?

Called the 1-Way Trip, customers using their Tap card when boarding a Metro bus or train pay the new base fare of only $1.75.

Current Fares Fares
REGULAR (no transfers)
Base Fare $1.50 $1.75 (Includes 2 hours of transfers when paid with TAP card)
Day Pass $5 $7
7-Day Pass $20 $25


What is an M card?

CableCARD is a special-use PC Card device that allows consumers in the United States to view and record digital cable television channels on digital video recorders, personal computers and television sets on equipment such as a set-top box not provided by a cable television company.

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How do I add money to my TAP card?

Reload your TAP card:

  1. Call TAP Customer Service at 866. TAPTOGO.
  2. Visit over 450 TAP vendor locations.
  3. Visit a Metro Customer Center.
  4. Use a TAP vending machine (TVM) located at all Metro rail stations, Metro Silver Line and Metro Orange Line stations and at the El Monte Station.

Where can I buy a CableCARD?

CableCARDs can be ordered for delivery or picked up at your local Spectrum store. CableCARD -compatible/ready devices can be purchased at retail stores. Learn how to self-install a CableCARD into a CableCARD -compatible retail device.

Can I use my phone as a TAP card?

The TAP app is now available on Android phones. Now, both iPhone and Android users can use the TAP app for a safe, easy way to pay for transit. Once you download the app, you can purchase a “virtual” TAP card in the app or transfer a plastic TAP card to your phone for convenient, contactless fare payment.

How much do tap cards cost?

How much does the TAP card cost? A regular fare TAP card costs $2. Reduced-fare TAP cards (available for seniors, students, persons with disabilities) are provided at no cost; however, you must apply for the card in advance.

How does a tap card work?

Tap -and-go cards use the same near-field communication, or NFC, technology as mobile wallets such as Apple Pay. When you tap your card to the reader, a chip and an antenna in the card send a token via radio waves to complete your purchase.

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