What happened to the bus driver in South Park?

Death. Ms. Crabtree’s death in “Cartman’s Incredible Gift” Ms. Crabtree was murdered, as well as the bird nesting on her head, with the left hand and wing missing, by Michael Deets in “Cartman’s Incredible Gift.” Officer Mitch Murphy commented “She was considered an ancillary character.

When did Mrs Crabtree die?

Crabtree, (voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in seasons 1–3 and Eliza Schneider in seasons 4–8, when she was officially “killed off” in “Cartman’s Incredible Gift”).

Is Principal Victoria coming back?

She was fired in season 19 and was replaced by PC Principal. She returned in Sponsored Content to tell Garrison the truth about how she actually lost her position as the two return to South Park. It is currently unknown what she does for a living now that she is no longer the school principal.

What happened to the old principal in South Park?

In “Stunning and Brave”, it was announced that she was fired from South Park Elementary due to an incident where a student referred to rape as a “Hot Cosby” and got replaced with PC Principal. In “PC Principal Final Justice”, it is revealed that she got fired because of Mr. Mackey.

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How did Choksondik die?

She dies of unknown causes – while a sample of Mr. Mackey’s semen was found in her stomach, it was determined not to be the cause of her death. The boys believed they murdered her after putting Sea People (brine shrimp) in her coffee.

Who was Mrs Crabtree?

June Marlowe (born Gisela Valaria Goetten, November 6, 1903 – March 10, 1984) was an American film actress who began her career during the silent film era. She was best known for her performance of ” Miss Crabtree ” in the Our Gang shorts.

What is Mr slave’s real name?

Mr. Slave was Herbert Garrison’s long-time teaching assistant (or “teacher’s ass” for short). He loves sadomasochism and he’s not afraid to shove things up his ass — whether it be the class gerbil Lemmiwinks or Paris Hilton.

What is Mr garrisons first name?

Name history Mr. Garrison was commonly known as ” Mr. Garrison ” without a first name until the episode “The Entity”, where it was revealed as “Herbert Garrison “.

Who was the principal in South Park before PC principal?

The exact details of Principal Victoria’s departure from South Park Elementary remain cloudy, but she was replaced by this man Peter Charles, typically referred to as ” PC Principal “, selected to bring South Park Elementary “into 2015” with a bold and progressive new agenda.

Why did Barbrady leave South Park?

He is fired from the police force for shooting a 6 year old Latino boy. After he is brought back in, he is fired a second time, this time for pulling his gun out on the boys, despite the request from Mayor McDaniels to do so.

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Why did Victoria Principal leave the show Dallas?

Principal has explained that part of the reason why she decided to leave the show was the decline of Pam’s role and the series ‘ writing overall after a five-year run. Principal informed the producers during renegotiations in the seventh her intentions of ending her contract after two more years.

Where did stunning and brave come from?

” Stunning and Brave ” is the first episode in the nineteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 258th episode overall, it was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. The episode aired on Comedy Central on September 16, 2015.

Who is Leslie in South Park?

Leslie Meyers was a female fourth grader and the main antagonist of Season Nineteen. She made her first appearance in the episode, “The Cissy “. She was killed by PC Principal in “PC Principal Final Justice” after she is exposed as a self-aware advertisement in human form.

Why is Mr Mackey’s head so big?

Mackey is one of two teachers at South Park Elementary, the other being Mr. Garrison, who have been fired from their jobs but later reinstated. It was implied in “Ike’s Wee Wee” that his head size is caused due to his tie.

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