How much is the Q70 bus to LaGuardia?

The fare is $2.50 If you pay with coins, ask the bus operator for a free transfer to use on another bus. (If you pay with coins on the bus there is no free transfer to the subway). Transfers are good for two hours from the time you pay your fare.

Is there a train to LaGuardia Airport?

There’s no subway that goes directly to LaGuardia. Nor is there a train. You’ll need to take a bus and then transfer to a subway or train. For the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, B, C, and D subways, take the M60 to Manhattan.

How do I get to LaGuardia Airport from NYC?

The Best Way To Get From LaGuardia Airport To Manhattan

  1. Travel By Taxi. This is the easiest and relatively reasonably priced way to get from LaGuardia to anywhere in Manhattan or the entire city of New York.
  2. Hire a Car Service to Pick You Up.
  3. Airport Shuttles.
  4. Public Transportation.
  5. Have A Friend or Relative Pick You Up.
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How long is the M60 bus to LaGuardia?

M60 (New York City bus)

End LaGuardia Airport
Length 9.4 miles (15.1 km)
Stations 21


What is the cheapest way to get from LGA to Manhattan?

Undoubtedly, the cheapest way to get from LaGuardia to Manhattan is by M60 or Q70 SBS connecting to the NYC subway. You just can’t beat a $2.75 New York airport transfer! On the flipside, a taxi or car service will be the most expensive but also the most hassle-free LaGuardia transfer to Manhattan.

Is there a shuttle from Penn Station to LaGuardia Airport?

With NYC Airporter, you can access service between Grand Central, Port Authority or Penn Station and LGA, JFK, and Newark Airports. However, you can book a reservation online and the super shuttle will pick you up anywhere in New York City and take you to LaGuardia for a flat fee.

How much is a cab from Manhattan to LGA?

LaGuardia to Manhattan: LGA enjoys a location closer to the city, so the average metered rate to Manhattan is $25 to $40, plus tolls and tip.

Is there a train from Penn Station to LaGuardia?

LIRR: From Penn Station to LaGuardia Airport you can choose between several LIRR bound trains. Take the Port Washington/Babylon/Ronkonkoma/or the Port Jefferson bound LIRR train and get off at Woodside station. Walk about 1 minute to Roosevelt Ave 61st Street. Then take the bus Q70 for the remaining of the trip.

How much is a cab from Grand Central to LaGuardia?

The fastest way to get from Grand Central Terminal (Station) to New York La Guardia Airport (LGA) is to taxi. Taking this option will cost $40 – $55 and takes 12 min.

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Is it cheaper to take a taxi or Uber in NYC?

The cheaper option for a specific journey also depends on the distance to travel. Uber appears more expensive for prices below 35 dollars and begins to become cheaper only after that threshold. In other words, generally speaking and for short-range trips, a taxi is more affordable.

How much is LaGuardia airport shuttle?

The avg cost for of these shuttles is approximately $16 one way to Manhattan. NYC Airporter, the official bus company for the Port Authority, will drop you at one of these main terminals: Grand Central. Shuttles “Shared Ride Vans”

Shuttle Company Phone Website
All County Express (800) 914-4223 (516) 285-1300 Get a quote

How much is a taxi from Times Square to LaGuardia?

The quickest way to get from Times Square to New York La Guardia Airport ( LGA ) is to taxi which costs $45 – $55 and takes 13 min. Is there a direct bus between Times Square and New York La Guardia Airport ( LGA )?

Does the M60 run all night?

M60 -SBS bus operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

How do I get from LaGuardia to Port Authority?

There is no direct connection from Port Authority Bus Terminal to New York La Guardia Airport ( LGA ). However, you can take the subway to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av, take the walk to 74 St/Roosevelt Av Station, then take the bus to Lga /Terminal B Parking Garage.

How do I get from LaGuardia to Metro North?

From LaGuardia Airport: M60 SBS buses stop on E. 125th Street, on the north side, just west of Metro – North’s station. GENERAL INFORMATION: The M60 SBS Bus operates along 125th Street in Manhattan and stops at all LaGuardia Airport terminals. M60 SBS buses are equipped with luggage racks.

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