Which bus company is on strike?

The strike is over what the Unite trade union has called a “downgrade” of bus drivers’ pay and conditions by RATP, a French company which owns London United and two other operators.

Why are London bus drivers on strike?

Bus drivers to strike amid pay cuts and Covid deaths London bus drivers fear their pay will be cut by over £2,000 a year, and plan to strike in a matter of days. Nearly 2,000 bus drivers are due to go on strike later this month over the wage cuts.

Is the h37 running today?

Normal operating days: everyday.

What is the shortest London bus route?

Short and sweet: London’s shortest bus route If you’re looking for the shortest hop between termini, then the 389 bus from The Spires to Western Way around Barnet is the bus for you. It’s a mere mile and a half long. All 10 stops on the super-sweet 389.

What is the meaning of bus strike?

1 n-count When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves. ( BUSINESS) also on N.

What is London’s most used bus route?

1. Route 18: 16,670,464. By far the busiest bus route in London, the 18 runs from Sudbury & Harrow Road Station to Euston, a journey of nine miles.

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What is the highest bus number in London?

8) The highest number of buses you can catch from a single stop during the day (i.e. excluding night buses ) is 19. Stop K on Hounslow High Street.

Does X26 bus take oyster?

Whether you use the bus for commuting, shopping or getting to the airport, route X26 is the fast, convenient way to travel in south-west London. You can also use your valid Bus Pass, Travelcard, Concessionary pass or Oyster pay as you go. Route X26 is not part of the BAA Heathrow Freeflow scheme.

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