Why is the Baz Bus suitable for backpackers?

1. This is the most convenient way to travel around South Africa and allows you to spend more time enjoying your vacation instead of planning your transportation. The majority of backpackers use Baz Bus so you’ll meet fellow backpackers and get great tips on what to do, see, eat, stay.

Is Baz Bus operating?

Resumption of Operations. Our SAFARI TOURS are now operating again! Please check back to see when our HOP-ON HOP-OFF, TRAVEL PASS, CAPE PENINSULA DAY TOUR and TABLE MOUNTAIN HIKE will start again. Cancellation Policy: 100% refund for any ticket purchased from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.

What can you expect at a backpacker hostel?

Here’s what you can expect at YHA:

  • A friendly welcome.
  • Clean and comfortable shared lounges.
  • Well-equipped kitchens.
  • Fresh sheets.
  • A variety of room types to suit you.
  • Secure buildings with 24 hour guest access.
  • No compulsory chores or curfews, just consideration for others.

How does the Baz Bus differ from the Greyhound bus system?

Baz Bus will take you straight to your backpacker youth hostel. Unlike the more staid options like Intercity or Greyhounds busses, the Baz Bus doesn’t bat an eyelid at carting along guitars, surfboards and bicycles (they pull a trailer). There is an onboard video player.

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Why are hostels so cheap?

The furnishings in a hostel tend to range from bunk beds in the bedrooms, to old couches in the lobby. The lack of redecorating is in part why hostels can remain so inexpensive.

How do you live in a hostel for the first time?

Tips For Hostel Life To Make Sure That You Have The Best Experience

  1. Get Home-made Food As Often As You Can.
  2. Share And Care.
  3. Know When To Say “No”
  4. Learn Subtle Techniques To Avoid People.
  5. Keep Some Money Stowed Away.
  6. Hang Out With Your Roommates At Least Once A Week.
  7. Be Friendly With The Hostel Guards/ Warden/ Cook.

What do hostels look like?

If you’re staying in a private room, sometimes you’ll have to use a shared bathroom, but often hostels have rooms with private bathrooms as well. If you have a private room with a private bathroom, a hostel simply ends up feeling like a bare bones hotel with a more social atmosphere.

How do most people get around in South Africa?

All but the most rural parts of the country can be reached by bus using one of the three main companies: Intercape, Greyhound and Translux. Buses in South Africa are affordable and safe, and they usually have air conditioning and an onboard toilet.

How safe are trains in South Africa?

Suburban (Metro) trains around Johannesburg & Pretoria are not safe (which is why some South Africans will mistakenly tell you that all South African trains are unsafe), but those around Cape Town can be used if you’re reasonably careful to travel from Cape Town to Stellenbosch, Paarl & Simon’s Town.

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