What time does the 41 come?


05:15 AM 05:24 AM 05:45 AM
11: 41 AM 11:52 AM 12:14 PM
12:13 PM 12:24 PM 12:46 PM
12:43 PM 12:54 PM 01:16 PM
01:13 PM 01:24 PM 01:46 PM


Is the 41 Bus 24 hours?

41 bus operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What buses go to swords?

You searched for Swords Main St., we found 6 results below. Timetable Listing.

Route Description
41 From Lower Abbey St. Towards Swords Manor
41b From Lwr Abbey St. Towards Rolestown
41c Lower Abbey St. Towards Swords Manor
41x From UCD Belfield Towards Knocksedan

Is Dublin Bus 24 hours?

Route 39a will now run 24 hours, 7 days a week with improved frequency of the bus by day and additional services at night – one every 30 minutes between 11.30pm and 5.00am. It is the third 24 hour bus service announced by Dublin Bus with others (Routes 41 and 15) introduced in December 2019.

What bus goes to airside swords?

The line 500 bus from East Wall, East Wall Road to Swords, Airside Ind.

How much is the Swords Express?

Leap Fares

Single Peak Within Swords
Adult €4.20 €1.30
Student €3.20 €1.30
Child €2.20 €1.30
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How much is a bus ticket in Dublin?

Leap & Cash Single Journey Fares

Leap Cash
Stages 4 – 13 €2.25● €3.00
Over 13 Stages €2.50● €3.30
Xpresso €3.00● €3.80
Route 90 & 40e €1.55● €2.15

Which London buses are 24 hours?

24 Hour bus services

  • Night Bus N1 – Tottenham Court Road Station to Thamesmead Town Centre.
  • Night Bus N2 – Marylebone to Crystal Palace.
  • Night Bus N3 – Oxford Circus to Bromley North Station.
  • Night Bus N5 – Edgware Station to Trafalgar Square.
  • Night Bus N7 – Northolt Station to Oxford Circus.

What time do buses stop in Dublin?

Dublin Bus Normal services run from 5.00am until midnight. The Nitelink service operates from midnight until 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Is the Dublin coach running?

To comply with government recommendations, Dublin Coach with operate at reduced capacity on all services from Thursday 22nd October. This means we will be operating our normal timetables, but with fewer seats available on board. Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines.

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