How late do Nashville buses run?

Hours of Operation Most of the buses in Nashville go into operation at 5:30 a.m. and run into the evening, although the exact times vary depending on the route. It is important to point out that some of the buses don’t operate at all on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

What time do Broward buses stop running?

The Route 1 bus runs about every 20 minutes, from about 5 AM until approximately 11:30 PM (weekdays). It runs on holidays and Sundays from about 6:30 AM to about 9:30 PM. It can run late at busy times and is (rarely) full, which means waiting for the next bus to come. So allow plenty of time.

What time do the buses stop running in Vancouver?

Buses. Vancouver’s busiest bus routes run from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m., with a more limited NightBus service filling that gap in the early hours of the morning. In downtown Vancouver, many buses will transit through Granville Street, Burrard Street and Georgia Street. Visit TransLink’s website for Trip Planning tools.

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What Chicago buses run 24 hours?

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Two lines operate 24 /7: the Blue Line, which connects Chicago O’Hare International Airport and downtown, and the Red Line, with service between the North and South Sides via downtown. Convenient CTA bus routes travel throughout the city, with stops every few blocks.

How much does the Nashville bus cost?


Local & Express Service $ 2.00
All-Day Pass $ 4.00
7-Day Pass $ 20.00
20-Ride Local & Express $ 40.00
31-Day Pass $ 65.00

Is Nashville a bike friendly city?

Nashville may be known as Music City, USA, but over the past few years it has also been building a reputation as one of the more bike – friendly cities in the South. Historic neon signs line Lower Broadway, Nashville’s famous entertainment district.

Is the bus still free in Broward County?

Broward County program provides free bus passes to “transportation disadvantaged” individuals.

Are Broward County buses still running?

​​ Bus fare collections resume Tuesday, June 1, 2021.​ US 1 Breeze (Route 101), University Breeze (Route 102) and Broward Breeze (Route 122) limited stop service has been suspended temporarily. Due to COVID-19, BCT is operating a modified schedule.

How much is a bus pass in Florida?

Monthly Pass: Adult Pass – $58. Senior/Disabled – $29.

How much is a bus pass in Victoria BC?


Type Fare Notes
10 Tickets $22.50
DayPass $5.00 Only available on bus. Drivers do not carry change.
Monthly Pass $85.00


How much is a compass card Vancouver?

Full fare pricing table – Current

Stored Values Compass Card
Pass Type 1-Zone 2-Zone
Adult $2.40 $3.45
Concession $1.95 $2.95
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How much is bus fare in Vancouver for students?


Type Fare Notes
Student (K to 12)
Cash Fare $1.75 Drivers do not carry change
10 Tickets $15.75


Does CTA run all night?

Service overview CTA has 1,864 buses that operate 129 routes and 1,536 route miles. Buses make about 19,237 trips a day and serve 10,768 bus stops. During late night and early morning hours, major rail lines and some of CTA’s bus routes offer “ Night Owl” service, much of it with connecting schedules and routing.

How much is the CTA bus in Chicago?

Fare chart

BASE/REGULAR FARES (as deducted from transit value in a Ventra account) Full Reduced
‘L’ train fare $2.50 * $1.25
Bus fare 2.25 1.10
Transfer(up to 2 additional rides within 2 hrs) .25 .15
PASSES (load onto Ventra account) Full Reduced


Does the Chicago Orange Line run all night?

About the CTA Orange Line ‘L’ Service operates all day, every day, except during overnight hours (see schedule). Alternate overnight (“owl”) service is available via the N62 Archer bus.

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