How much do CTA drivers make in Chicago?

Average Chicago Transit Authority Bus Driver yearly pay in Chicago, IL is approximately $49,123, which is 48% above the national average.

How much does a city bus driver make per hour?

How Much Do City Bus Driver Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $49,000 $24
75th Percentile $36,500 $18
Average $34,484 $17
25th Percentile $27,000 $13

How much does a CTA train conductor make?

Average Chicago Transit Authority Operator yearly pay in the United States is approximately $54,911, which is 35% above the national average.

How much money does a bus driver make per hour?

The average salary for a bus driver is $31.12 per hour in New South Wales.

Does the CTA make money?

CTA generates revenue from both farebox collections and nonfarebox revenues, and also receives supplemental funding for operating expenses through the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). The RTA was established in 1974 to oversee local transportation operators in the six-county Chicago metropolitan area.

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Do you have to live in Chicago to work for CTA?

Yes you do need to be a resident of Chicago to work for the CTA.

Who are the highest paid bus drivers?

Best- Paying Cities for Bus Drivers

  • Fairbanks, Alaska. $64,890.
  • San Jose, California. $64,880.
  • Seattle, Washington. $61,650.
  • New York, New York. $60,450.
  • Salinas, California. $59,300.

Why do school bus drivers quit?

Some common grievances here include: administrators not backing up school bus drivers when parents complain; policies that don’t support drivers; disciplinary actions that are perceived as inequitable; not showing appreciation for oldest employees; and too many hoops for drivers to jump through to get administrators to

How much do bus drivers make school?

Hourly Wage for School Bus Driver Salary

Percentile Hourly Pay Rate Location
25th Percentile School Bus Driver Salary $14 US
50th Percentile School Bus Driver Salary $17 US
75th Percentile School Bus Driver Salary $21 US
90th Percentile School Bus Driver Salary $24 US

What does a CTA flagger do?

Under direct supervision, coordinates the movement of trains through slow zones in construction or maintenance sites in order to protect workers, equipment, and structures. Checks to see that Slow Zones are set up properly.

How much do Metra conductors make?

How much does a Conductor make at Metra Railroad in Chicago, IL? Average Metra Railroad Conductor hourly pay in Chicago, IL is approximately $25.75, which is 87% above the national average.

How do CTA trains work?

Enter the station and pay fare. When you enter a train station, you can pay your fare at the turnstile or gate: simply touch your Ventra Card, Ventra Ticket or contactless bankcard to the reader on the top of every turnstile. Every station has Ventra Vending Machines if you need to buy or load fare.

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Do bus drivers earn good money?

The average London salary is £41,500 a year. The average hourly bus driver rate has been calculated as £10.18 an hour compared with the London Living Wage of £9.15 an hour, which Boris Johnson endorses as the minimum required for a decent standard of living in the high cost capital.

Do bus drivers make good money?

Bellevue, WA beats the national average by $6,397 (18.9%), and Richmond, CA furthers that trend with another $7,576 (22.4%) above the $33,891 average. Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for School Bus Driver Jobs.

City Richmond, CA
Annual Salary $41,468
Monthly Pay $3,456
Weekly Pay $797
Hourly Wage $19.94

What is a bus drivers wage?

Start on £12.65 per hour, rising to £13.81 per hour after two years employment.

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