How do people in Spain say bus?

One of the first things foreigners and mainland Spaniards notice when they’re in the Canary Islands is the bizarre word locals use to talk about a bus or coach: la guagua (usually pronounced wa-wa).

What is the meaning of Guagua?

adjective (Andes) small ⧫ little. feminine noun (Andes, Southern Cone)

How do you say bus in Spanish plural?

Autobús ( bus ) ends in the letter S, so we must add ES at the end of the word to make it plural, making it autobuses ( buses ).

Is it un autobus or una autobus?

2 Answers. ” Un ” is used with masculine nouns, ” una ” is used with feminine nouns.

What do Puerto Ricans call a bus?

In Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and some other Caribbean countries, guagua is how they call the bus. Some people say that this word comes from the English word: wagon, but there are others that state that it was because Wa Wa and Co.

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Why do Cubans call a bus a Guagua?

My teacher Pedro gave me the breakdown that the reason Cubans call buses “ guagua ” is due to the old system of buses used in Havana back when they were operated by horses, the conductor would ring a bell that would make a “wawa” sound. From then on, locals began referring to the bus as the guagua.

What is a cool Spanish word?

Chido. This is the most common way to say “ cool ” in Mexican Spanish.

Why do Puerto Ricans call bus Guagua?

In Puerto Rico, why do they call an autobus ” guagua “. It`s called ” guagua ” because the buses were too small at the beginning, so packages,baskets,luggagges etc. were carried on the top of the bus.

What is a Guagua in Colombia?

Meaning of guagua In Colombia is a rodent that is also known as paca, tinajo, or guatinajo. Its scientific name is Cuniculus paca.

How do Salvadorans say bus?

Guagua = Bus You’ve probably learned the more formal way to say the word “ bus ” in Spanish as camión/colectivo/ómnibus, but locals will think you’re a little strange if you wander around La Havana asking for the any of those variations.

Does Wawa mean bus in Spanish?

Guagua ( Wawa ) is a Canary Island expression for bus. Puerto Rican Spanish (español puertorriqueño) is the Spanish language as characteristically spoken in Puerto Rico and by millions of people of Puerto Rican descent living in the United States and elsewhere. Guagua ( Wawa ) is a Canary Island expression for bus.

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Is bus in Spanish masculine or feminine?

s. plural – bus ·es, o – bus ·ses, autobús masculine, ómnibus masculine.

Is bus feminine or masculine in French?

6 – French Nouns Ending in S are Masculine As in le bus ( bus ), le bas (bottom), le plus (the plus)…

Is autobus in English word?

noun, plural au·to· bus ·es, au·to· bus ·ses.

What goes in front of autobus?

A destination sign (North American English) or destination indicator/destination blind (British English) is a sign mounted on the front, side or rear of a public transport vehicle, such as a bus, tram/streetcar or light rail vehicle, that displays the vehicle’s route number and destination, or the route’s number and

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