Where is the bus station in GTA V?

The bus depot is located at the intersection of Integrity Way and Strawberry Avenue in the neighborhood of Textile City, Los Santos.

How do you get a bus in GTA 5?

There’s no mechanism in the game to allow you to just get on the bus and let the NPC bus driver take you around. You press triangle, (PS4), and you yank the bus driver out. As you no doubt know, you can grab a cab, or the subway.

Can you pick up passengers on a bus in GTA 5?

You can steal a bus and pick up passengers at bus stops. Sometimes, the A.I will glitch out, and the passenger will accidentally steal the bus from you and drive away. This was patched in GTA5. Also keep note that you can only pick up passengers in single player, not multiplayer.

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Where are the train stations in GTA 5?

Portola Drive Station – Portola Drive, Rockford Hills. Burton Station – San Vitus Boulevard, Burton. Pillbox North Station (Closed/Under Construction) – Downtown. Strawberry Station – Olympic Freeway and Strawberry Avenue, Strawberry.

Can you buy a bus in GTA 5 Online?

The Bus can be purchased in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry for a price of $500,000. The Bus is stored as a Pegasus Vehicle. It cannot be customized.

Is there a school bus in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V The School Bus returns in GTA V, this time as an abandoned mobile home in Stab City, that is being used as a large dumpster for various pieces of trash and junk, including a wrecked sail boat. The School Bus also gets mentioned by Agent 14 during the heist setup mission Prison Break – Bus.

Can you become a bus driver in GTA Online?

To become a bus driver, do the following: Press F3 to enter the menu; Start the mission; Choose the Passengers Order option in the menu to pick up passengers.

Where is the bus in GTA 3?

BUS – Behind the stadium at 9:23.

Can you be a taxi driver in GTA 5?

In GTA 5 there is only one of the several non-criminal professions of the 3D-universe — a taxi driver. Any protagonist can work as a taxi driver, the only thing you need is a suitable car.

Can you ride the subway in GTA 5 Online?

Yes. Go to a train station and just wait for a couple of minutes. Climb on, and ride. There is no set schedule for the trains.

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Can you take the train in GTA 5?

When on top of the engine, pull out a weapon and carefully walk to the front of the windows. Now, go to your inventory and select an eCola. As you soon as you press X (A on Xbox) to drink it, immediately press Start and you will be magically teleported into the train cockpit.

Where is Burton in GTA 5?

Burton is a small affluent shopping district in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located in southeastern Rockford Hills, Los Santos.

Can you drive the submarine in GTA 5?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can pilot the submarine and move it wherever you want in the water. This can be done from the sub’s control room. In this room there is a pilots seat you can sit in.

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