Do DC buses take cash?

Riders can pay with cash, SmarTrip or new contactless payment on Apple Watch or iPhone.

How do you buy bus tickets in DC?

Passes can be purchased in the SmarTrip® app and then added to Apple Wallet or can be added to your plastic SmarTrip Card online, at Fare Vending Machines located in Metrorail stations, and at the Metro Center Sales Office, commuter stores, or retail outlets.

Can you use Metrocard on bus DC?

SmarTrip® is your ticket to ride. SmarTrip® is how to pay for fare on all Metrorail stations in DC, Maryland and Virginia, Metro parking garages and lots, Metrobus routes, MTA, and partner regional bus providers.

How do buses work in DC?

Taking the Bus Rides are $1.75 each whether you’re paying by SmarTrip or cash. If you use a SmarTrip card, you’ll get a 50-cent discount when transferring from rail to bus, as well as unlimited bus – to – bus transfers within a two-hour window. The GPS-based NextBus service will let you know when your bus is coming.

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How do you pay for the bus in DC?

Simply place your fare in the farebox located near the driver. SmarTrip® Card – This is a permanent, rechargeable farecard you can use to pay fares and transfers on Circulator, Metrobus, Metrorail and more. To board a bus with a SmarTrip® card, simply tap your card on the fare box when you enter the front door.

What is the best way to get around Washington DC?

  1. Metro. The best way to get around Washington DC is the DC Metro (subway or underground).
  2. DC Circulator Bus. The DC Circulator provides five bus routes that take care of some of the empty spots in the subway system.
  3. Walking.
  4. Hop On Hop Off Tours.
  5. Taxi/Limo.
  6. Driving.
  7. DC Motorcades.
  8. Off-Site Links:

How much is a metro card in DC?

A SmarTrip card costs $2. Some sales locations have cards with pre-loaded value on them, so the card would cost $2 plus the pre-loaded amount.

Is there a bus that goes to Washington DC?

Transportation options in Washington DC Our bus to Washington DC takes you directly to Union Station, in the heart of DC. A few of our most popular routes in Washington DC include: New York to Washington Bus. Boston to Washington Bus.

How much is a day pass for DC Metro?

The Metro Day Pass for a cost of $5 is available at ticket vending machines and when boarding a Metro bus beginning August 1.

How much money do I have on my SmarTrip card?

To check your card balance, you can:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Tap your plastic SmarTrip to a Fare Vending Machine at any Metrorail station.
  3. Look at the fare gate while using your SmarTrip at any Metrorail station.
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Can you live in DC without a car?

It is very easy to live without a car in Washington DC. Many of the neighborhoods are walkable and you can walk to grocery stores, bakeries, hair stylists. schools, churches. Mosques and synagogues within an right block radius.

Is it hard to drive around Washington DC?

Driving in Washington, DC is stressful, but with plenty of transportation options, it is easy to avoid. Here are 6 reasons not to drive in DC and tips for getting around the city and the capital region without a car.

How much does it cost to ride the DC Circulator?

How much does it cost to ride the DC Circulator? The base fare for DC Circulator rides is $1 per person, per trip.

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