How do I get rid of ScpToolkit?

You can uninstall ScpToolkit from your computer by using the Add/ Remove Program feature in the Window’s Control Panel. On the Start menu (for Windows 8, right-click the screen’s bottom-left corner), click Control Panel, and then, under Programs, do one of the following: Windows Vista/7/8/10: Click Uninstall a Program.

What is ScpToolkit?

ScpToolkit is a free Windows Driver and XInput Wrapper for Sony DualShock 3/4 Controllers. x or greater), at least one supported Sony DualShock 3/4 controller and Administrator rights during driver setup.

Is ScpToolkit Safe 2020?

SCPToolkit contains malware. If you turn on the feature in Windows Defender to have it alert you when unverified apps try to write to areas they shouldn’t, and then install scptoolkit, you’ll see that it tries to write to your MyVideos folder, and directly to your harddrive or memory. THIS IS MALWARE!

How do I uninstall a virtual bus driver?

Go to the control panel and then uninstall programs. You’ll be able to uninstall ds4windows in the control panel. If not, find the app in the windows menu and right-click on the app. Select uninstall and get rid of the app.

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Is MotionInJoy a virus?

User Info: ElDudorino. MotionInJoy has static ads on the side of the application when you’re in online mode, which does not make it malware. That being said, it should always be run in offline mode so you don’t lose controller support if your internet cuts out.

How do I use ScpToolkit?

Plug the DualShock 3 into your PC via a mini-USB cable. If your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth support, plug in your wireless Bluetooth dongle. Download and run ScpToolkit Setup.exe. It should automatically download all of the other files it needs, so just follow all the prompts.

Does ds4windows work with PS3 controller?

Nope, unless it’s very recently been updated. This is what you want for DS3.

Can I use a PS3 controller on PC Windows 10?

Unplug your controller from the cable and it should connect your PS3 controller to your Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth. NOTE: Sometimes it won’t detect on your first try so just plug it back in and unplug it again and this should detect the controller after a few seconds.

Is DS4windows safe?

DS4windows is safe and the best one but still wasn’t plug and play most of the time like a Xbox contoller is. Steam and other attempts at DS4 compatibility are bad. I use a cheap bluetooth dongle with my Xbox controller and don’t have any issues. The steam support for the ds4 isn’t bad at all.

Is motion in joy safe?

If you know of any others who are using MotionInJoy to connect their controllers by PC I’d advise showing them this page.

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How do I reinstall my ds4 driver?

First choose the Device in Device manager, click on Driver tab, then Update Driver, then Automatically.

How do I uninstall all ds4 drivers?

Go to your Configuration panel – programs – find DS4Windows, right click and select ‘ remove ‘. This should remove DS4Windows. DS4Windows didn’t work for me either so I use SCPToolkit Driver Installer available on GitHub but if your controllere gets discooencted you have to install the driver again uding the program.

How do I download DS4Windows?


  1. Extract the 2 programs from zip file ( DS4Windows and DS4Updater)
  2. Launch DS4Windows and choose where you want to save profiles.
  3. A windows will pop up showing how to install the driver, if not, go to settings and click “Controller/Driver Setup”


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