How much is a monthly bus pass in Sacramento?

Monthly Passes & Stickers

Type Price
Basic Monthly Pass $100.00
Basic Semi- Monthly Pass $50.00
Senior/Disabled Monthly Pass /Sticker $50.00
Senior/Disabled Semi- Monthly Pass /Sticker $25.00

How do I buy light rail tickets in Sacramento?

Riders can purchase tickets online at The Connect Transit Card website. To buy in person, RT’s Customer Service Center is at 1225 R Street or there are over 50 retailers throughout Sacramento. Riders can also phone in an order with a major credit card by calling (916) 321-2849.

How do you take the bus in Sacramento?


  1. Find your bus stop and stand by the sign.
  2. Board the bus and place exact change in the fare box (bills or coin), show your valid pass, or activated mobile pass or tap your Connect Card.

What is a zip pass?

Download ZipPass to purchase light rail, bus and SmaRT Ride fare directly from your smart phone. With ZipPass, there is no need to worry about cash or paper tickets! Simply flash your active pass to the operator when boarding buses or have ready for visual inspection when riding trains.

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How much is a monthly Connect Card?


Daily $7
Weekly $25.00 / *$12.50
Monthly $97.50 / *$48.75
Annual $1,072.50

How do I buy a Connect Card?

Cards with passes and stored cash value can be purchased at the Downtown Service Center and Giant Eagle locations. Cards can be reloaded at ConnectCard machines, retail locations and the Downtown Service Center. ConnecTix are available with weekly passes or 10-trip blocks only at ConnectCard machines.

How much is light rail in Sacramento?

In addition, SacRT will increase weekend light rail service frequency from 30 minutes to 15 minutes starting in January 2019. SacRT Rolls Back Fares.

Fares Current Fare Roll Back Fare
Basic Single Ride $2.75 $2.50
Discount Single Ride $1.35 $1.25
Paratransit Single Ride $5.50 $5.00
Basic Monthly Pass $110 $100

Does light rail take credit cards?

You Can Now Use Your Credit Card to Tap On Across the Entire Sydney Public Transport Network. Smartphone, smartwatch and bank card payments can now be used to pay for your fare on buses, trains, light rail and ferries.

How do you use Sacramento Connect Card?

Tap your card onto the yellow target when directed by the operator. You can also use the Light Rail Connect Card Reader to pay for the daily pass out of your Cash Value balance. Select the daily pass button, and tap your Connect Card on the yellow target located below the screen.

How do people get around in Sacramento?

The best way to get around Sacramento is by car. While the downtown area has several attractions within walking distance of one another, in order to get to Midtown or any of the surrounding suburbs you’ll need your own set of wheels.

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What time does the bus stop running in Sacramento?

Buses operate daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. every 12 to 60 minutes, depending on the route.

Is Sacramento Public Transportation good?

Most fortunately, Sacramento has pretty decent public transportation, and it continues to get better. Regional transit here consists of light rail trains and buses. Dial-a-ride, a robust taxi stable, Amtrak and vans to the airport complete the picture.

How does zip pass work?

Simply flash your active pass to the operator when boarding buses or have ready for visual inspection when riding trains. You can pre-purchase, store and use SacRT tickets and passes instantly on your phone anywhere, anytime on both bus and light rail. Just download the free app!

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