What country singers tour bus was repossessed on airplane repo?

Last October, Gayngs had their tour bus repossessed by CJ Starbuses over an additional unpaid week that had been tacked on at the cost of $2,500.

How fake is the show airplane repo?

There are clues all over the shows that indicate they are really scripted and set up. I would even go so far as saying the planes were probably already secured and they filmed after they had already been repossessed! And the 3 reviews that give it rave reviews is absolutely FAKE!!!

Why did Airplane Repo get Cancelled?

Ken Cage, private jet repo man and TV star, aims to recover Discovery Channel’s ‘ Airplane Repo ‘ from being cancelled as ratings and claims of the show being fake create an uncertain future.

Who is Heather Sterzick?

A woman who is consistently up for the test, Heather is from the US Army, who functions as the air traffic regulator, contract pilot. Heather Sterzick Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography.

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Name Heather Sterzick Dirksen
Nationality American

How much is Airplane Repo staged?

Totally staged and a joke, I would guess about 14 percent of what you see is really true. The rest is drama for ratings, which I understand, the public wants drama.

How do you become a airplane repo man?

To get started in this job, become a licensed pilot. Learn how to fly as many types of aircrafts as possible. Contact banks about jobs or make contacts with a repossession company. Besides planes, many companies also dabble in boat repossessions.

Is it illegal to repo a plane?

Under the UCC, a secured party may repossess an aircraft if it can do so without breaching the peace.

What happened to Heather on airplane repo?

Thyroid cancer has caused Dirksen to step back from aviation, but she has completed surgery and chemotherapy. Extra: Dirksen served in the U.S. Army and was a contract air traffic controller in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Oklahoma City.

Is there a season 4 of airplane repo?

Airplane Repo Season 4 premiered on Discovery on July 15, 2015. In this series, a group of high-flying daredevils is hired by financial institutions to hunt down and recover high-value assets, such as airplanes, as payments for overdue accounts. Episodes.

# Name Air Dates
4 New Season Takeoff Jul 15, 2015

Does Kevin Lacey still repo airplanes?

Kevin Lacey doesn’t just repossess planes for a living, but he fixes them as well, which also helps to supplement his income. His company, Texas Air Fleet, also performs a variety of other technical services for various aircrafts — from commercials planes to smaller jets.

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Who is Heather from airplane repo?

Former repo TV star. Heather Dirksen (née Sterzik) hasn’t let any grass grow under her feet. She joined the U.S. Army at age 18 and served in South Korea and Baghdad, and as a civilian she has lived in Abu Dhabi; Kosovo; and briefly in Afghanistan, where she was a contract air traffic controller.

How old is JFK plane repo?

Mike Kennedy Airplane Repo Profile, Wiki

Real Name Mike Kennedy
Cause of Death Car Accident
Official Site https://www.kennedyinternational.net/
Physical Status
Age 59 Years


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