How do you pay for AC Transit?

A: You tag your Clipper card or Pass on your local ride to pay for the local fare. When boarding a Transbay bus, tag your card again and the upgrade fare will be automatically deducted. The upgrade fare for Clipper users is $3.75 for Adults and $1.88 for Youth/Senior/Disabled riders.

How much is AC Transit monthly pass?

The monthly pass fare has been cut from Rs 2,363 to Rs 2,000.

Does Clipper card work for AC Transit?

Clipper cards can be used by adult, youth, senior, and RTC riders on AC Transit, BART, Muni, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, SamTrans, and VTA (and on the Dumbarton Express.) * Formerly TransLink (TransLink cards are still accepted and work in the same way as Clipper cards.)

How do you pay for the bus in Oakland?

Contactless fare payment is more efficient and greatly reduces bus boarding times. Mobile ticketing has been introduced as a payment option. Use the AC Transit Official Mobile App to access the mobile ticketing platform, or Clipper to pay fares upon boarding without using cash.

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How much does a BART pass cost?

Adult BART paper tickets have a 50 cents surcharge on every trip, which equals $1.00 per round trip. With a one-time acquisition fee of $3.00, a Clipper card pays for itself in just 3 roundtrips.

Where can I buy a monthly Clipper card?

Purchasing A Monthly Pass Monthly passes can be purchased on your Clipper card or on the app for the current month from the 1st –16th via the app or at any Clipper retailer or at a Ticket Vending Machine located in every Muni Metro Station.

How can I get my monthly BMTC pass online?

You have first to Open your browser and type BMTC bus pass. Bmtc Monthly Pass Online Procedure

  1. Name of the Person.
  2. Age.
  3. Date of Birth.
  4. Address.
  5. Source Point.
  6. Destination Point.
  7. The validity of the card.
  8. Contact Details.

How do I check my Clipper card balance?

If you need to check your balance or card usage history: Log into your My Clipper account and click on ” Check card value” or ” Check card activity” Contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878. 8883, TDD/TTY 711 or 800.735.

How much is a Clipper card at Walgreens?

Clipper cards can be purchased at www., one of Clipper’s retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Adult cards cost $3. Youth and Senior cards are free.

What is Clipper card good for?

It’s a Clipper card that you can use to pay discounted fares on public transit around the Bay Area. It manages your monthly discount passes, discount cash fares and transfers. If your card is lost or stolen, your balance is protected. It offers many convenient ways to load passes, tickets or cash value on your card.

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How much does Clipper card cost?

You’re joining the millions who choose Clipper. Order your adult card online or buy one in person for just $3. If you order online and set up automatic reloading, your card is free!

Can I add money to my Clipper card online?

Reload Online Order any combo of cash value or passes. You can set up automatic reloading at the same time. You might have to wait two or more days before you can first use the value on your card.

How do you use a Clipper card?

To use your card simply look for a Clipper reader on the bus or at fare gates, stations or ferry terminals. Press your card to the reader. When your ticket has been accepted, you will hear a beep and see a green light (the BART fare gates will read “OK”).

Does Bart use Clipper card?

BART accepts the following on a Clipper card: Cash value: For single rides. Clipper customers get discounts on one-way fares of 50 cents for adults, 25 cents for youth and 19 cents for senior and disabled riders.

How do you get around in Oakland?

Rent a bike with FordGoBike or pick up a LimeBike scooter to explore Oakland’s many neighborhoods—Bay Area Bikes can be found in two locations, in Jack London Square and Uptown. Bicycles are allowed on ferries, AC Transit buses and BART trains—just check the websites for routes and any excluded times.

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