Is there a bus to Jones Beach?

Travelers hoping to get to Jones Beach via public transportation can take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to the Freeport stop and from there access the nonstop n88 bus to Jones Beach. Buses leave hourly during summer weekdays, and every half-hour on summer weekends.

How do I get to Jones Beach by train?

To reach Jones Beach, take the New York subway (map) to 34th Street/Penn Station in Manhattan. From Penn Station, take the Long Island Rail Road to Freeport. Long Island Rail Road trains are frequent and cheap. (Yes, that’s how they spell railroad.)

Is it safe to go to Jones Beach?

Now considered a sewer, Zach’s Bay at Jones Beach has been ranked as one of the most polluted beaches across the U.S. The bay has consistently failed weekly pollutant tests and the water remains a bacteria ridden hazard. Advisories are rarely posted to the public, so take extreme caution when you enter the park.

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Is Jones Beach nice?

A wonderful beach that includes various places of interest. Occasional concerts, a swimming pool, shuffleboard floors, mini-gold, a nice restaurant with good food, and the actual beach. It also has large parking spaces. Jones Beach is not my favorite beach spot, but the boardwalk is.

How much does it cost to go to Jones Beach?

Daily entrance fees for vehicles without a recreation permit are $40 Friday through Sunday and on holidays or $20 the rest of the week. Like Tobay, entrance is free after hours as well as before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Non-resident entrance fees are $10 after 4 p.m. weekdays.

How far is Jones Beach from Manhattan?

The distance between Manhattan and Jones Beach State Park is 27 miles.

What is the cleanest beach in NYC?

10 Best Beaches For A Sunny Day In NYC

  • Orchard Beach, The Bronx. ohcecilelia.
  • Rockaway Beach, Queens. thecanvas_creative.
  • Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. marsdabomb.
  • Fort Tilden, Queens. forttilden.
  • Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. dodi.kkk.
  • South Beach, Staten Island. diana_b.
  • Midland Beach, Staten Island. ascottshot.
  • Wolfe’s Pond Beach, Staten Island. photography_by_teresamarie.

Are Hamptons beaches public?

The Hamptons in Long Island, New York, have a reputation as a collection of wealthy enclaves with beautiful, private beaches that attract New York City’s wealthiest residents during the summer.

What is the closest ocean to New York City?

More than 578 miles of coastline extend around New York City ‘s boroughs, which are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean along Brooklyn’s southern coastline and by the waters of the East and Hudson Rivers around Manhattan. 4

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Is swimming allowed at Jones Beach?

Swimming is allowed only when lifeguards are on duty. Surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, and wind surfing are allowed at several locations along the beachfront. Kayaks and sailboards can be put in at field 10 along the north shore of Jones Beach.

Is alcohol allowed at Jones Beach?

Alcohol is not allowed into Jones Beach and they patrol the beach to enforce this rule. If you do have alcohol, you can be asked to leave the beach and even ticketed.

Are seniors free at Jones Beach?

There are 4 fishing piers as well as a very large outdoor theater for first rate concerts. And the best is on week days for us 62 or older the parking is free, just show your drivers license. I have been coming here for over 65 years and there is not enough praises I can say for it.

Can you go to Jones Beach at night?

It’s one of the pleasant surprises on summer nights at the Jones Beach boardwalk. Through Labor Day, the boardwalk stays open daily until midnight. You can play games, dance at the band shell or just stroll and escape the heat.

Is Jones Beach water clean?

Zach’s Bay in Wantagh, a section of Jones Beach State Park, is also the pits when it comes to clean water. The highest-ranking hotspot is the four-star Central Mall section of Jones Beach, a consistent winner over the past four years. Its water samples have never exceeded federal standards of 5 percent contamination.

Is Jones Beach open to non residents?

Swimming is allowed at a number of Nassau County beaches, and lifeguards will be on duty at some beaches like Jones Beach. Beach Park will also be open to non – residents who pay $140 for a beach pass.

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