What was Ralph Kramden’s salary?

Ralph Kramden, ‘The Honeymooners’ Bus drivers in New York City with comparable experience earn a median salary of $51,075 per year. The equivalent salary in 1955 would be $5,777.

What was Jackie Gleason’s net worth?

Jackie Gleason Net Worth: Jackie Gleason was an American comedian and musician who had a net worth of $10 million dollars. He is probably best remembered as Ralph Kramden, the character which he played in “The Honeymooners”.

How much did the Honeymooners cast make?

Art Carney received $3,500 per week, Audrey Meadows $2,000, and Joyce Randolph (who did not appear in every episode) $500 per week.

What bus company did Ralph Kramden work for?

On June 30, 1988 the New York City Transit Authority’s Fifth Avenue Bus Depot in Brooklyn was renamed for native Brooklynite Jackie Gleason who played the character of bus driver Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners. Kramden worked for the fictional Gotham Bus Company.

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How much did a bus driver make in 1960?

Bus Driver salaries ranged from $85-110 per month. 1960 Nevis Aerial photo taken by Jim Hocking from Lolo, Montana, brother-in-law to the Westby’s. Non-professional substitute pay was $5 per day.

What was Mike Brady’s salary?

Brady made $1,745,922 in total compensation. Of this total $515,000 was received as a salary, $310,313 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $905,861 was awarded as stock and $14,748 came from other types of compensation.

Who said Pow right in the kisser?

True, Ralph Kramden of ”The Honeymooners” never did hit his wife, Alice. But Jackie Gleason commonly punctuated episodes of the television show with a clenched fist and the threat: ”One of these days, Alice – Pow! Right in the kisser!

What did Ralph Kramden always say to Alice?

The precise origin of the bang-zoom may be hard to trace, but it emerged from bus driver Ralph Kramden’s perfectly idle threats to give his wife a whack that would send her “to the moon, Alice, to the moon.” In time, the threat became so idiomatic that Ralph could abbreviate it with the simple bang-zoom gesture and a

How much money did Jackie Gleason make on the honeymooners?

When Jackie Gleason signed a deal with CBS in the 1950s, it was the largest television contract in history. Gleason was paid $11 million for three seasons of The Honeymooners, according to The Daily News.

Is anyone from The Honeymooners still alive?

Randolph is the last surviving member of the Honeymooners quartet, which included Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden, Art Carney as Ed Norton, Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden (after replacing a blacklisted Pert Kelton), and Randolph as Thelma “Trixie” Norton.

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Do actors get residuals after death?

In 1977, the Guild negotiated for the member’s right to receive residual compensation in perpetuity. As a result, even after your death, you will continue to receive residual compensation if your material is reused.

Why did they replace Alice on The Honeymooners?

However, she abruptly was dropped from her role because of being blacklisted and she was replaced by Audrey Meadows. Rather than acknowledge that she was blacklisted, her producers explained that her departure was based on alleged heart problems.

Who says to the Moon Alice?

On The Honeymooners, “Ralph Kramden” (played by Jackie Gleason) had a phrase that those of us of a certain age can’t help but remember. “To the moon, Alice, to the moon!” he would rasp at his wife (played by the inimitable Audrey Meadows) whenever he had no less predictable comeback to her never predictable jibes.

What Lodge did Ralph Kramden belong to?

In the old TV show, Gleason’s character, Ralph Kramden, was a member of a club called the Raccoon Lodge. As part of their induction, new members of the Northampton County Raccoon Club used to put on a raccoon hat, wag the tail and yell “Woooooo!,” which was the handshake from Kramden’s lodge.

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