How many golf balls fit in a school bus interview question?

So, when we divide 1.6 cubic inches by 2.5 cubic inches we get 660,000 balls. Since a school bus is not empty and has some space occupied by the engine and seats, it is best that we round off this figure to 500,000. This means that a school bus can accommodate 500,000 golf balls.

How many golf balls can you fit into a Boeing 777?

Battison: But if we have an airliner, we do have those seats that can ‘t hold the golf balls. Josaphat: 56,784 cubic feet divided by 12 cubic feet. That total answer would be 4,732 golf balls.

How many ping pong balls are in a room?

let’s say that a standard room has a length of 7m width of 4m and a height of 2.5m. and the diameter of a pingpong ball is 4cm or 0.04m. Fitting pingpong balls into room = volume of room / volume of pingpong ball. = 1,567,164 ping pong balls.

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How many golf balls fit into a Boeing 747?

The question is fairly satisfactorily answered: “The 747-400 has a passenger volume of 876 cubic meters, plus a cargo volume of 159 cubic meters, for a total of 1035; the balls have a diameter of 40mm; this gives about 22,870,000 ping pong balls.”

How many tennis balls can fit in a limousine?

To get the total number of tennis balls that will fit into a limo, we need to divide the volume of the limo (500,000 cubic inches) by the volume of a tennis ball (4 cubic inches); 500,000/4 = 125,000. Now, we can say that 125,000 tennis ball will fit in a limousine.

How many golf balls are on the moon?

There are two golf balls on the moon. They were taken there by Alan Shepard in 1971, during the Apollo 14 mission. Shepard was the first American into space, and the fifth person to ever walk on the moon … but most impressively, he was the first (and only) person to ever play golf outside of the earth’s atmosphere!

How many golf balls can you put in a 5 gallon bucket?

The math suggests, a spherically sized bucket can contain around 340 balls, although, usually golfers use a 5 – gallon bucket to carry an average of fifty to eighty balls in or out of the golf pitch.

How many balls fit in a Mini Cooper?

Now for the number of tennis balls which can fit in Mini Cooper. We need to divide by 4. Round up to 140,000, as it’s easier to divide by 4, so 140,000 /4 is 35,000.

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How many golf balls will fit in the Empire State Building?

25,780,645,161 balls. This of course disregards the irregularity of the structure and assumes the 37 million cubic feet is a volume of a simple box.

How many balls does it take to fill a 16×16 foot room?

Total Number of Balls = ~ 300,000 How many balls does it take to fill a 16×16 ft room?

How many balls fit in a cube?

In a cube of 2x2x2 cm cube, we can fit one sphere. There are ( 20 x 20 x 20) / ( 2 x 2 x2) = 1000 cubes or spheres. Diameter of the sphere is 2 cm. In 20 cm side we can place 10 spheres.

How many ping pong balls can fit in a cubic foot?

A square around a 40mm ping pong ball is about four cubic inches and therefore you can fit 12 3/4 = 144*3 = 432 ping pong balls in a cubic foot.

How many jellybeans can fit inside a Boeing 747 and why?

Interview Answers Two jelly beans would definitely fit in a 747.

What are the dimensions of a 747?


Metric Imperial
Wing span 68,45 m 224 ft 7 in
Height 19,40 m 63 ft
Overall length 76,25 m 250 ft 2 in
Cabin width (floor level) 5,90 m 19 ft


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