How much is the RTD in Colorado?

Age 65+ &/or Disabilities

Local & Limited 1-2 Rail Fare Zones Airport Airport Fare Zone
3-Hour Pass $1.50* $5.25*
DayPass $3.00* included in Regional/Airport Day Pass
MyRide 3 Hour $1.40* $5.15*
10-Ride Ticket Book $14* travel to DIA requires an upgrade

How much is a bus pass in Colorado?

Fares & Tickets

31-Day Ticket – unlimited one-way trips in a consecutive 31-day period $63.00
*Special 31-Day Ticket – Youth ages 6 – 18, Medicare/Disabled, Senior (60+); unlimited one-way trips in a consecutive 31-day period $31.00
Adult 20-Ride Ticket – good for 20-one way trips $32.00

What is the RTD SkyRide?

RTD makes local and international travel easier than ever. With the new University of Colorado A Line and SkyRide bus service we’re providing easy, affordable, and reliable transportation to Denver International Airport with direct access to airline check-in, baggage check, security screening, and baggage claim.

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How much is a bus ticket from Denver to Boulder?

How do I travel from Denver to Boulder without a car? The best way to get from Denver to Boulder without a car is to bus which takes 42 min and costs $3 – $6.

How much is the RTD 2020?

Access-a-Ride fares are $5.00 for Local trips, $9.00 for Regional trips, and $20.00 for trips to or from Denver International Airport. Access-a-Ride offers Local 5-Ride ticket books that provide a discount of approximately 10 percent, the most cost-effective option.

How do I buy RTD tickets?

How to Use Mobile Ticketing

  1. Pre- purchase tickets for future use or buy a ticket on the day of travel.
  2. Select ” Buy Ticket “
  3. Select ticket type.
  4. Enter payment info and the pass is delivered instantly.
  5. Activate your ticket before boarding a bus or train.
  6. Show to operator and fare inspector.

How much is the bus in Fort Collins?

Single ride: $1.25, with some exceptions. A single ride is 60 cents for seniors 60 and older or for those who are disabled or on Medicare. The following groups ride free: Youths ages 17 and younger with approved ID; CSU students, faculty and staff with RamCard; transfers; and late-night downtown service. Day pass: $3.

Does RTD have an app?

RTD Mobile Tickets The RTD Mobile Ticketing app lets you buy and use Day Passes instantly on your smart phone!

How much does the Flex bus cost?

Bus Travel in the US from just $4.99.

How does an RTD work?

How do RTDs Work? RTDs work on a basic correlation between metals and temperature. As the temperature of a metal increases, the metal’s resistance to the flow of electricity increases. Similarly, as the temperature of the RTD resistance element increases, the electrical resistance, measured in ohms (Ω), increases.

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How much is a taxi from Denver Airport to downtown?

For example, a one-way taxicab ride from the airport to Cherry Creek Shopping Center (near downtown Denver ) typically costs $62 to $70, plus a $5.03 airport access fee for each metered taxi trip.

How much is Minneapolis bus?

Bus fares range from $2.00 to $3.25, depending on time of day. To ride a few blocks in the Downtown Zone, the fare is $. 50. “Free Ride” buses will take you along Nicollet Mall.

How much does the bus cost in Boulder?

The current one-way fare for the HOP is $3.00. The fare also serves as a 3-hour pass, allowing unlimited rides and transfers (including to RTD routes) within 3-hours of issuance.

Do you need a car in Boulder?

Nope. For many people, it’s really easy to get around Boulder (and campus) without a car. University of Colorado Boulder’s campus is centrally located, with access to transit, bike paths and the most walkable neighborhoods in town.

How much is RTD in Denver?

All trips on the R Line are local fare $2.60. If your trip involves a transfer to another rail line, fares could be regional fare ($4.50) or airport fare ($9.00) depending upon your destination. Discount fares apply for those who are eligible.

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