How much does omnitrans cost?


Single Ride One Day
Full Fare $2.00 $6.00
Senior $0.90 $2.75
Disability/Medicare $0.90 $2.75
Veteran $0.90 $2.75


Is omnitrans free?

Omnitrans is an affordable transportation option for getting around the San Bernardino Valley. When you ride Omnitrans, you can pay cash for the exact fare for each individual trip, or save money with a 1-day, 7-day or 31-day bus pass.

How do I pay for omnitrans?

You can plan your trip, track your bus, and pay your Omnitrans fare quickly and easily with your smartphone using Transit, the official app of Omnitrans! Purchase passes to use immediately or store them for future rides. It’s simple to use, contactless, and more convenient than cash.

How much does it cost to ride the Indygo bus?

Fare Costs

Pass Types Cost Half Fare
2-Hour Transfer Ticket $1.75 $0.85
One Day $4.00 $2.00
10 Trips $17.50 $8.50
7 Days $15.75* $7.65*


How do I use token transit?

Ride With Token Transit

  1. Purchase. Select any fare type you like, from a single ride to a monthly pass.
  2. Activate. When you are ready to ride, tap your pass to activate. Your phone holds all your passes.
  3. Ride. As you board the bus, show the driver your digital ticket.
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Do college students ride the bus for free?

To ride, students at participating colleges use a free mobile ticketing app. Youth 18 and under just need to show a valid ID to the driver. Once aboard, you can ride anywhere RTA buses go, anytime they operate.

How do you pay on the bus with your phone?

That’s because Singapore’s trains and buses accept contactless cards for payment, much like in Sydney and other global cities like London, where you just tap your credit card or mobile wallet to the public transport reader to pay your fare, and open the ticket barrier.

How late do IndyGo buses run?

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

How do you ride the Red Line in Indianapolis?

Here’s how to ride the Red Line explained in five easy steps, with help from IndyGo ridership experience specialist Jerome Horne.

  1. Find your Red Line station and get on the platform.
  2. Buy and validate your ticket.
  3. Check the destination, real-time screens and map.
  4. Get on the bus.
  5. Get off at your destination.

How do I pay redline?

Fare vending machines accept the following card payment methods: Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover. Make sure to leave credit/debit cards inserted in the fare vending machine until prompted to remove. Already have a purchased paper pass from Customer Service or online? The Red Line accepts these too!

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