Are old bus tokens worth anything?

The majority of transportation tokens sold are used. Many transit systems have moved away from tokens, so they are no longer valid for travel. However, used transportation tokens still have value as collectibles.

How much are MTA tokens worth?

Many long-time transit riders still buy tokens at various vendors, such as liquor stores, city halls and Metro stores. Ten tokens are sold in a bag for $17.50, each token worth a one-way fare at the basic rate of $1.75.

How much is a CTA bus token worth?

Its value is about 2.2 cents. The visitors say they are seeking the coins “`for an art project’ or “for my kid’s geography class” or the like, DeLorey said. “By sheer coincidence, the coins they are looking for are the exact same size as CTA tokens.”

Are old tokens worth money?

Token Coins tokens. Many of these old tokens are collectible and are worth $1 to $5. Rare tokens, such as those that were used during the Civil War era, are worth hundreds of dollars.

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How much are old subway tokens worth?

Just about anybody can get a collection of about 2,000 different [ tokens ] with very little trouble. ” Tokens range in cost from 15 cents to $200. ”Just a handful of them are worth more [than $200].

Are Garden State Parkway tokens still good?

Not only is cash becoming rare as payment for the tolls, but now the token is, too. The New Jersey Highway Authority, which ran the Garden State Parkway until the New Jersey Turnpike Authority took over its operations in 2003, sold its last parkway token on Jan. 1, 2009, it will no longer accept tokens at toll booths.

Can you still use subway tokens?

TTC tickets, tokens and passes are no longer available for sale in subway stations. You can still use previously purchased TTC tickets, tokens or passes you have to pay your fare. Refunds will not be provided so you are encouraged to use your TTC tickets, tokens and passes.

Do bus tokens still work?

Metro will no longer be selling tokens starting May 15, 2018. If you are currently in possession of tokens, you will still be able to use them to pay fare until November 29, 2019. However, you will no longer be able to purchase new ones.

How many subway tokens do you need for a free sub?

Customers will earn four tokens for every dollar spent. Two hundred tokens will result in $2 in Subway credit. That means a customer would have to spend $50 at Subway to receive a $2 credit. Or, since most Subway sandwiches cost about $6, a customer would have to spend nearly $150 to receive a free sandwich.

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How much is a 7 day?

Fare chart

BASE/REGULAR FARES (as deducted from transit value in a Ventra transit account) Full
1- Day CTA Pass $10
3- Day CTA Pass 20
7 – Day CTA Pass 28
7 – Day CTA/Pace Pass 33


What do I do with old TTC tokens?

TTC tickets, tokens and passes are no longer available for sale in subway stations. You can still use previously purchased TTC tickets, tokens or passes you have to pay your fare. No end date has been set for when the TTC will stop accepting TTC tickets, tokens or cash.

Can I pay cash on CTA bus?

On the bus, you can pay for a one-way fare in cash. Exact change is required (no change is given). Transfer is not available when paying in cash on the bus. If you need to transfer, use a Ventra Card or Ticket.

How much is a no cash value coin worth?

The designs are T3 (18 stars, eagle on shield over branches with denticles) and T4 ( No Cash Value, bookend squiggly designs with denticles) from their standard design catalog (PDF warning). Since a minimum order is 1,000 the price per token is between $0.09 to $0.19 per token depending on metal mixture.

What is the most valuable token?

Top 100 Crypto Tokens by Market Capitalization

# Name Price
1 Tether 1 USDT Buy $1.00
2 USD Coin 2 USDC $1.00
3 Uniswap 3 UNI $27.79
4 Chainlink 4 LINK $30.94


Are Civil War tokens rare?

Of the three types of Civil War tokens, sutler tokens are by far the rarest.

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