Who is the owner of First Student bus company?

First Student, a division of FirstGroup providing student transport in the United States. First Student (United States)

Parent FirstGroup
Founded 1999 (through acquisition of school bus business of Ryder)
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio
Service area United States

Who is buying First Student?

EQT is pleased to announce that EQT Infrastructure has agreed to acquire First Student and First Transit (“the Company”), two North American subsidiaries of the UK publicly listed company, FirstGroup plc for USD 4.6 billion.

Is first student being sold?

FirstGroup enters $4.6-billion agreement to sell First Student and First Transit to EQT Infrastructure. The private equity firm says it will invest in organizational, operational and digital technology to further distinguish the service offerings of the two divisions.

Is First Student a good place to work?

First Student is an overall good company to work for it the training period is unpaid and they will neglect to mention that initially. Paid training and class, part time job. Paid training and class. Luck of hours and split time.

Who is the CEO of First Student?

First Student is a division of FirstGroup. “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Osland as president of First Student,” said FirstGroup Chief Executive Matthew Gregory.

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Who bought Greyhound 2020?

FirstGroup, which bought Greyhound for $3.6 billion including debt from Laidlaw International in 2007, plans to sell the bus line and spin off its UK operator First Bus to head off shareholder pressure, lifting its shares by as much as 13%.

Has Greyhound been sold 2020?

Transport giant FirstGroup has sold off three major bus facilities in North America for a total of £102m. It faced increasing pressure earlier this year from an activist investor to separate off its North American operations.

Who bought Greyhound bus company?

Industrial titan leasing land back to bus company for now. Prologis has bussed itself into Downtown Los Angeles, paying $91 million to acquire the city’s Greyhound station. The industrial real estate titan bought 361,707 square feet of land from Greyhound Lines Inc., CBRE announced Monday.

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