How much is a bus card in Abu Dhabi?

The basic Permanent card costs AED 10. You can have a personalised card with the same features and your name and picture on it; that costs AED 5 (the DoT would prefer that you have the personalised card for practical reasons).

Can I pay cash in Abu Dhabi bus?

You can use Abu Dhabi Pay while paying through portals, mobile apps, cash deposit machines and point of sale (POS) devices. You can also choose from several payment methods such as: eDebit, eWallet (Apple Pay, Payit, PayBy), credit cards and cash.

Can I recharge Hafilat card online?

To load your hafilat online, visit and enter your number on the back of your as well as the desired amount. The amount you choose will be deducted from your bank and added to your balance.

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Where can I pay a bus fine in Abu Dhabi?

Currently, there are three methods of when it comes to running an Abu Dhabi traffic fine check.

  • Abu Dhabi Police website.
  • Abu Dhabi Police mobile app.
  • Sahl (smart teller) kiosks around Abu Dhabi.

How do I charge my bus card in Abu Dhabi?

Hafilat card outlets are available at shopping malls, bus stations, vending machines for tickets and customer care centres in Abu Dhabi. Card outlets are also accessible at ticket offices at bus stations after submitting a personal photo and necessary documentation.

Is there public transport in Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation operates more than 95 bus routes throughout the emirate with extensive services in Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain. You can use the public buses to get between the two cities, as well as to different points of interest around Al Gharbia.

Is Abu Dhabi cheaper than Dubai?

Compared with Dubai, Abu Dhabi is approximately 6% cheaper to live overall, considering food, clothes, transport, personal care and entertainment. However, housing costs are 11% more expensive than in Dubai.

How do I travel by bus in Abu Dhabi?

Local buses There’s an app, DARB, that helps you plan your journey, including which buses will get you where you need to go and when. You can’t use cash on the buses, however, so you’ll need to pick up a Hafilat card from Al Wahda Central Bus Station before your first ride.

Can Nol card be used in Abu Dhabi?

Can I use the NOL Card outside of Dubai, in other Emirates of UAE? No. The NOL Card is valid only within Dubai.

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How do I register for toll gates in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi toll gates: 9 steps to register on Darb system

  1. Visit or download the DARB application.
  2. Choose the ‘Individual’ tab.
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your e-mail.
  5. Select the Emirate where your vehicle is registered.
  6. Enter your traffic code.
  7. Select your registered mobile phone number.

How do I check my bus card balance online?

Check NOL Card Balance Online

  1. Visit the RTA Website NOL Card balance page. SwitchToLatestLocale=true.
  2. Click on the Check NOL Balance box (button) on the page.
  3. Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card on the website.
  4. Click on Search button to see the NOL Card balance.

How do I renew my expired Hafilat card?

Permanent Hafilat Cards are valid for 5 years from the date of Purchase. Any card can be recharged using a new family of Ticket Vending machines and ‘Swift Reloader’ machines in various points around the city including some bus stands, shopping malls and hospitals.

Where can I pay fines in Abu Dhabi?

Customer service centres

  • Abu Dhabi – Cars world.
  • Abu Dhabi Courts Premises.
  • Al-Madina Police Station.
  • Al-Rahba Police Station.
  • Alruda Police Station.
  • Beniyas Police Station.
  • Capital Police Directorate.
  • CID Directorate Building -AL Muror next to Abu Dhabi Men’s College of Technology.

Is there metro in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi metro will be 131 km. It will provide optimal connectivity between Abu Dhabi island and its suburbs and the communities of Saadiyat island, Yas island and Al Raha Beach.

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Where can I buy mawaqif card?

The cards are available for purchase at Mawaqif customer service centres as well as at registered distribution outlets (the full list can be accessed via the link: www.

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