Can you pay cash on AC Transit?

If you are paying cash and only taking two trips during the day, you will not need a Day Pass. Just pay the Single Ride fare on each trip. But if you will be taking three or more trips, buy a Day Pass.

Does AC Transit take Clipper card?

AC Transit accepts the following on a Clipper card: Cash value: For single rides. Clipper customers get a discount of 25 cents for adults and 13 cents for youth, senior and disabled riders on all local routes. Local 31-day pass: Unlimited local rides for adults and youth for 31 days.

Is AC Transit a government job?

Based in California, AC Transit is a key player in the government industry with 1,500 employees and an annual revenue of $375.0M.

How much is the smart bus fare?


Fares Fixed Route Park & Ride
General (19-64 Years) $2.00 $2.50
Reduced Fare
Youth (6-18 Years) $0.50 $1.00
Older Adults (65+ Years) $0.50 $1.00
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How much is a Clipper card at Walgreens?

Clipper cards can be purchased at www., one of Clipper’s retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Adult cards cost $3. Youth and Senior cards are free.

How much does a BART pass cost?

Adult BART paper tickets have a 50 cents surcharge on every trip, which equals $1.00 per round trip. With a one-time acquisition fee of $3.00, a Clipper card pays for itself in just 3 roundtrips.

How much does Clipper card cost?

You’re joining the millions who choose Clipper. Order your adult card online or buy one in person for just $3. If you order online and set up automatic reloading, your card is free!

Can I add money to my Clipper card online?

Reload Online Order any combo of cash value or passes. You can set up automatic reloading at the same time. You might have to wait two or more days before you can first use the value on your card.

Where can I purchase a Senior Clipper card?

You may also apply in person at a Clipper Customer Service Center or participating transit partner location to get a card immediately. See full list of locations at Questions? Call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.

What does AC Transit stand for?

AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is an Oakland-based public transit agency serving the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

How many buses does AC Transit have?

AC Transit buses connect with sixteen other public and private bus systems, 23 BART stations, six Amtrak stations, and three ferry terminals. Service (as of September 2019)

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Bus lines* 158
Bus stops approximately 5,400
Annual service miles 20.9 million

Who owns AC Transit?

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District ( AC Transit ) is an innovative, modern bus system, owned by the public of the East Bay. Its family tree dates back to 1869, the year America’s two coasts were joined by transcontinental rail.

How long is a bus transfer good for?

This new 1-Way Trip fare includes free transfers for up to two hours to complete a one-way trip.

Is bus fare still free in Detroit?

Free bus rides in Detroit and its suburbs are ending soon. Beginning March 15, the Detroit Department of Transportation and Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation plan to resume fare collections, which were suspended almost one year ago as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

What is smart public transport?

Smart buses offer passengers a convenient and efficient means of traveling, and help bus operators to consolidate fleet management, facilitate daily operations, improve safety and enhance the traveling experience.

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