How do you pay for the bus in Honolulu?

Fares & Routes

  1. Adults: $2.50 one way, with 1 free transfer per trip (ask the driver for a transfer when you pay your fare)
  2. Students (grades 6-12 and under age 19): $1.25 one way.
  3. Seniors (65+ with reduced fare card or valid Medicare card) and persons with disabilities: $1 one way.

How do you buy bus tickets in Honolulu?

Particpating Retail locations. Select Satellite City Hall locations. TheBus Pass Office – Kalihi Transit Center.

  2. HOLO Call Center phone payment (808-768-4656)
  3. Participating Retail Locations (cash only)
  4. Select Satellite City Hall locations (cash only)

How much does the bus cost in Oahu?

If you’re looking to ride the bus without transferring, prices will remain the same, $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children. If you’re planning to catch multiple busses in one day, however, the 1-day pass costs $5 for adults and $2.50 for children and can be bought on TheBus.

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Does Oahu bus take card?

On O’ahu, as well, you can use a credit card if you buy a pass.

How do you pay for the bus in Hawaii?


  1. Tel: 808.848.4444.
  2. Services: Bus, Paratransit.
  3. Forms of Payment: Cash, Debit/Credit Cards.
  4. Ways to Pay: Online Store.
  5. Bus Pass Sales Office.
  6. Monthly Pass: 30-Day – $60.
  7. Senior/Paratransit – $30/Annual; $60/Biennial.
  8. Split Payment Option: N/A.

Does the bus go to Honolulu Airport?

Bus to Honolulu International Airport: On Kuhio Avenue, Saratoga Road or Kalia Road heading away from Diamond Head, board 19 Airport -Hickam or 20 Airport -Pearlridge.

How does the bus work in Honolulu?

A ride on the Honolulu bus costs a set price of $2.50. You need to have exact change, which you feed into a machine right next to the driver.

How much is shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Waikiki?

Budget-minded travelers will appreciate Aloha Waikiki Shuttle. This shuttle from the airport costs $10 per person. Aloha Waikiki Shuttle also offers several tour transportation options to points of interest.

How much is a senior bus pass in Honolulu?

Riders in the senior, Medicare and disabled category would pay a maximum of $60 annually, an increase of $25, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday. Those riders would see a single ride increase from $1 to $1.25.

What time does the bus stop running Oahu?

Runs most days between 6:30am to 10:20pm (Lanikai until 7pm).

Is there Uber in Honolulu?

Uber is the only app-based company available in Honolulu, and it can take you from Daniel K. Inouye Airport to Waikiki in no time.

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Is there a bus that goes around Oahu?

Oahu does have a bus system that goes around the island. This means that if you don’t want to rent a car, it IS possible to get to some of the top spots on the island of Oahu without a car. Then maybe you can rent a car for a day or two to head to other parts of the island in order to save time on transportation.

Do buses take card payments?

Contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for bus travel without needing cash. Look for the contactless symbol on your credit, debit or pre-paid cards. Most new cards are issued with this feature, however, if you’re not sure whether your card is contactless enabled please check with your bank or card issuer.

Where can I buy a senior bus pass in Honolulu?

You must apply for a pass at TheBus Pass Office at 811 Middle Street. (Routes A, 1, 2, 13, 31 and 32 will take you there.) For more information about the renewal process, call the hotline at 591-7600, Monday – Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

What is Holo the bus?

The HOLO Card is a prepaid smart card used to pay for your fare on TheBus, The Handi-van and the rail system. The card can hold a pass or stored value in a linked account. Stored value is an electronic alternative to cash.

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