How do I get to Palisades?

Take the Hudson Line to Tarrytown Station or the Harlem Line to White Plains Station. From there board the Hudson Link bus to the Palisades Center.

How do I get to the Palisades Mall from the Bronx?

Line 2 subway, bus • 2h 56m

  1. Take the line 2 subway from Bronx Park East to Times Sq-42 St 2.
  2. Take the bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Palisades Center at Macys 20T.

What time does the Palisades close?

WEST NYACK, NY – The Palisades Center Mall has announced new hours of operation starting effective January 1, 2021. They will now be open from Monday – Sunday from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

How far is Palisades NY to NYC?

How far is it from Palisades to Manhattan? It is 16 miles from Palisades to Manhattan. It is approximately 19.1 miles to drive.

How do you get to Palisades Interstate Park from NYC?

To northbound Palisades Interstate Parkway in New Jersey, from points south and New York City:

  1. From Routes 4 & 46, and I-95 local lanes: Take the exit for Fort Lee/ Palisades Interstate Parkway (Exit 72 from I-95 local lanes).
  2. From I-95 Express Lanes: Take Exit 73 (last exit in New Jersey).
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What is a palisade?

palisade • pal-uh-SAYD • noun. 1 a: a fence of stakes especially for defense b: a long strong stake pointed at the top and set close with others as a defense 2: a line of bold cliffs.

Is West Nyack in New Jersey?

West Nyack is a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York, United States.

West Nyack, New York
County Rockland
• Total 2.9 sq mi (7.5 km2)
• Land 2.9 sq mi (7.5 km2)


What can you do at the Palisades Mall?

WELCOME TO PALISADES CENTER Palisades Center is a four-level shopping center offering 225 brands, 16 sit-down restaurants, a bowling alley, ice rink, the world’s tallest indoor ropes course, comedy club, and more.

Who lives in Snedens landing?

SNEDENS LANDING COMMUNITY INFORMATION Most times, the twisty and steep streets are quiet despite it being home to high-profile homeowners such as Phish frontman, Trey Anastasio, Aidan Quinn, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Bill Murray, Al Pacino, Jane Pauley and husband Garry Trudeau.

Is Palisades in NY or NJ?

They sit in the Newark Basin, a rift basin located mostly in New Jersey. Palisade is derived from the same root as the word pale, ultimately from the Latin word palus, meaning stake. The Palisades (Hudson River)

The Palisades
Location Northeastern New Jersey (Hudson and Bergen counties) Downstate New York (Rockland County)

What are the Palisades NY?

The Palisades, basalt bluffs 200–540 feet (60–165 metres) high along the west side of the Hudson River, southeastern New York and northeastern New Jersey, U.S. Rising vertically from near the water’s edge, they are characterized by uplifts, faults, and columnar structure developed by slow cooling of molten material

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