What bus goes to Pearl Harbour from Waikiki?

From anywhere in Waikiki or the Ala Moana Shopping Center, take the #20 or #42 public bus (called TheBus), which will take you to the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center. If you’re not sure where to get off, just ask the driver. A ticket costs $2.50.

Is there a shuttle from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor?

Honolulu-based transportation company Roberts Hawaii launched shuttle service between Waikiki and Pearl Harbor on May 1.

How do I get to Pearl Harbor from Honolulu?

To go from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor you can just wait at one of the stops along Kuhio Ave or at Ala Moana Center. Simply tell the driver that you want to go to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. To go from another part of the island to Pearl Harbor, you should be prepared for a longer ride with multiple transfers.

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How far away is Pearl Harbor from Waikiki?

Pearl Harbor is about 25 minutes from Waikiki Beach by car, and just 11 miles away. Travelers can get to Pearl Harbor by taking Highway 201 and following signs to the Pearl Harbor Historic Site and Visitor Center.

Do you need to buy tickets in advance for Pearl Harbor?

Reserving Tickets Reservations are not necessary, but they are recommended. Recreation.gov is the only official reservation website for Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s USS Arizona Memorial Program. If you used any other website to reserve a tour, please read the fine print.

How much is taxi from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor?

Approximate Breakdown

Initial Fare $3.50
Add. Metered Fare $55.54
Tip (15%) $8.86
Estimated Taxi Fare $67.90

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Honolulu?

Honolulu has the highest taxi prices in the nation and Uber is 40 percent cheaper, she told council members Wednesday. Riders and drivers who submitted testimony opposing the measure said taxis aren’t as reliable or affordable as ride-hailing companies.

How long is the bus ride from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor?

#20 and #42 buses will get you from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor Visitors Center with no need to transfer. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Diamond Head end of Waikiki or about 1 hour from the Ala Moana end of Waikiki. Map of bus routes and bus stops through Waikiki.

Can you go to Pearl Harbor without a tour?

Yes, you can visit Pearl Harbor without a tour. But bear in mind that Pearl Harbor is a very busy place, and there are lots of different things to see and do there.

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How long do you need at Pearl Harbor?

While it’s possible to visit all four of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites in roughly 6 hours, the best way to experience Pearl Harbor – and not miss a thing – is to make a full day of it.

What is the best way to see Pearl Harbor?

Tours can be booked on Recreation.gov. Visitors who wish to see all of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and its nearby sister sites, including the USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, should purchase the Passport to Pearl Harbor.

Is there a shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Pearl Harbor?

The best way to get from Honolulu Airport ( HNL ) to Pearl Harbor without a car is to shuttle which takes 3 min and costs $13 – $17. How long does it take to get from Honolulu Airport ( HNL ) to Pearl Harbor? The shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Pearl Harbor takes 3 min including transfers and departs hourly.

What airport do I fly into for Pearl Harbor?

Listed as one of the top attractions near (15-20 minutes) Honolulu International Airport, Pearl Harbor is a first stop for many travelers arriving on Oahu.

How do I get to Pearl Harbor by bus?

Honolulu public transit buses stop regularly at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and can be boarded in Waikiki. The #20 and #42 bus will take you to the visitor center. For more information about the Oahu transit system, visit www.thebus.org.

How many miles is it from Honolulu to Turtle Bay?

The distance between Honolulu and Turtle Bay Resort is 29 miles. The road distance is 39.3 miles.

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