How do I get from Singapore to Ipoh?

The best way to get from Singapore to Ipoh is to bus which takes 7h 52m and costs $47. Alternatively, you can train, which costs $27 – $45 and takes 12h 31m. How long is the flight from Singapore to Ipoh? The quickest flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Ipoh Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h 10m.

How long is bus from KL to Ipoh?

The most affordable way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh is to bus, which costs RM 23 – RM 45 and takes 3h 45m.

How long is the bus ride from Singapore to Penang?

Bus from Singapore to Penang is one of most economical transportation options to travel to Penang for famous Penang food and UNESCO World Heritage Site Georgetown. Though budget airlines have been in the market for years, the service of bus to Penang survives even though passengers need to travel about 10 hours by bus.

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How much is the fare from Singapore to Malaysia by bus?

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Fare From
Luxury Coach Service 07:30 S$ 23.00
Seasons Express & Tours Pte Ltd 08:00 S$ 20.00
Starmart Express 00:45 S$ 10.00
Super Coach Express 22:30 S$ 30.00


Which airline fly from Singapore to Ipoh?

Singapore to Ipoh Flights | AirAsia.

How do I get to Ipoh?

The Gold Service train takes about two hours and 20 minutes to reach Ipoh, with fares priced at RM35 and RM22, while the Silver Service train stops at every station between KL Sentral and Ipoh (taking two hours and 30 minutes), with tickets costing RM25 and RM17, respectively.

Can I travel from KL to Ipoh now?

Currently, travellers can take the ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh for a fast and comfortable trip. The KL Sentral to Ipoh train operates along the West Coast Line on electrified double tracks.

How long drive from KL to Ipoh?

How long is the drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Ipoh, Malaysia? The total driving time is 2 hours, 22 minutes.

How do I get from Penang to Ipoh?

The most convenient way to get from Ipoh to Penang is to take one of the fast Electric Train Service (ETS) from Ipoh Railway Station to Butterworth Railway Station. It is also the quickest way to travel, with trains taking around one hour, 45 minutes to reach Butterworth.

How long does it take to travel from Singapore to Penang?

The flight time from Singapore to Penang is usually less than 2 hours compare to 10 hours by express bus and even longer by train.

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Is there a train from Singapore to Penang?

There is one daily train from Singapore to Penang (the Ekspres Rakyat) that now leaves from JB Sentral railway station (just north of Singapore ) in the morning and takes approximately 13 hours to reach Penang’s railway station on the mainland at Butterworth.

Is Singapore bigger than Penang?

With an area of 293 km2 (113 sq mi), slightly ⅓ the size of Singapore, Penang Island is the fourth-largest island in Malaysia.

How much is the bus fare from KL to Singapore?

The bus fare for bus from KL to Singapore is ranging from RM 45.00 to RM100. 00 (SGD 20.00 – SGD 45.00), depending on the class of the coach. Standard fare is usually at RM 50.00 or SGD 20.00 unless there is special promotion. Duration for bus from KL to Singapore usually takes about 5 hours.

What is the best way to travel from Singapore to Malaysia?

The best way to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is definitely by flight, but if you are on a budget, going by bus would be the cheapest option. Getting from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur seems easier than it looks. It’s actually not that complicated as long as you are a super patient person.

How long does it take to go from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

The flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes about 1 hour, 45 minutes.

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