Is there an express bus from Queens to the Bronx?

No, there is no direct train from Queens to The Bronx. However, there are services departing from 104 St and arriving at Bronx Park East via Park Place. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 1h 26m. Queens to The Bronx bus services, operated by MTA Bus Company, depart from Main St/Manton St station.

How do I get to the Bronx from the Queens?

The quickest way to get from The Bronx to Queens is to taxi which costs $80 – $100 and takes 20 min. Is there a direct bus between The Bronx and Queens? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Boston Rd/E 180 St and arriving at Queens Bl/Main St. Services depart every 10 minutes, and operate every day.

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What bus from Queens goes to the Bronx Zoo?

Local Buses Or take the Bx12 or Bx22 buses to Fordham Road and Southern Blvd, then walk 5 blocks south on Southern Blvd to 183rd Street. * From Queens, you can take the Q44 to 180th Street and Boston Road. You must then walk north (take a right on Boston Road) one block to the Bronx Zoo’s Asia gate entrance (Gate A).

How much is the Bronx express bus?

The cost of operating and maintaining hundreds of diesel express bus coaches — most passengers pay $6.75 a ride — along with a customer base that is a fraction of the MTA’s local routes may make them a target, transit sources told THE CITY.

What bus goes from Queens to Manhattan?

Queens to Manhattan by bus. The bus journey time between Queens and Manhattan is around 51 min and covers a distance of around 13 miles. The fastest bus normally takes 46 min. Operated by MTA, the Queens to Manhattan bus service departs from Cross Bay Bl /Rockaway Bl and arrives in 6 Av/W 57 St.

How much is the express bus to Manhattan?

Express buses cost $6.75. Pay with a MetroCard, or use contactless payment where OMNY readers are available.

Is Brooklyn far from the Bronx?

How far is it from The Bronx to Brooklyn? The distance between The Bronx and Brooklyn is 15 miles.

How long does it take to get from the Bronx to Manhattan?

Yes, the driving distance between Manhattan to The Bronx is 9 miles. It takes approximately 12 min to drive from Manhattan to The Bronx.

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How far is Harlem from Queens?

The distance between Harlem and Queens is 10 miles. The road distance is 14.4 miles.

Is it safe to take subway to Bronx Zoo?

It appears from the answers above that yes the subway is safe but the express bus is more convenient as it will drop me outside the gate. If you take only the subway it really is a short walk to the front gate of the zoo and unless you are going at midnight you really need not worry about your safety.

How do I get from Times Square to the Bronx Zoo?

The best way to get from Times Square to Bronx Zoo without a car is to bus which takes 49 min and costs $2 – $7. How long does it take to get from Times Square to Bronx Zoo? The bus from Madison Av/E 47 St to Bronx River Pky/ Bronx Zoo Ent takes 39 min including transfers and departs every 30 minutes.

Where is the main entrance to the Bronx Zoo?

The Zoo’s Bronx River entrance ( Gate B) is located at Exit 6 off the Bronx River Pkwy. Alternate route: Henry Hudson north to Mosholu Pkwy (Exit 24). After about 2 miles, the Mosholu turns into a local road with stoplights.

Is there a bus from Manhattan to Brooklyn?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates 76 express bus routes in New York City, United States. Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Route BM2
Manhattan terminal Midtown East 57th Street and 2nd Avenue
Brooklyn terminal Canarsie Flatlands Avenue and Williams Avenue
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Can you take a bus from Brooklyn to Manhattan?

Busses from Brooklyn to Manhattan There are only 9 bus routes that run between Manhattan and Brooklyn and none go directly past midtown Manhattan. They mostly serve lower manhattan and the beginning of midtown so if your destination is past 34th street, you will need to take a subway anyway.

What trains go to the Bronx?

Public transit lines with stations closest to The Bronx, NY in Bronx

  • 167 St [B,D] 16 min walk. 6 Avenue Express. 6 Avenue Express.
  • 3 Av – 149 St [2,5] 18 min walk. 7 Avenue Express. Lexington Avenue Express.
  • 167 St [4] 21 min walk. Lexington Avenue Express.

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