Where can I buy a bus pass in Spokane WA?

Purchase Passes at Local Retail Outlets

  • Albertsons: 3010 E 57th Ave, (South Hill) 6250 N Nevada, (North Spokane )
  • nom nom (select locations): 1023 W Wellesley. 15504 E 4th Ave.
  • Rosauers: 1808 W 3rd Avenue. 10618 E Sprague Avenue.
  • Super One Foods: 830 E 29th Ave.
  • Huckleberry’s: 926 S Monroe.
  • Yoke’s: 210 E. North Foothills Drive.
  • Safeway: 2509 E 29th Ave. Spokane.

Where can I buy bus passes in Edmonton?

Where to Buy

  • The ETS Online store.
  • The Edmonton Service Centre remains closed for transit sales until further notice.
  • Ticket Vending Machines located at all LRT stations.
  • Official sales outlets in many convenient locations throughout the city.

Where can I buy bus passes in Winnipeg?

In Person. Transit products can be purchased in person at Transit Customer Service Centres and partner agents. Agents sell either fare products in paper form or are able to load fare products on your peggo card, or both. Please ensure the agent you plan to visit sells fare products in the format you are looking for.

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Where can I buy a bus pass in Las Vegas?

Passes can be purchased in person at the Bonneville Transit Center, RTC Administration Building, and vendor locations throughout town.

How much is a Spokane bus pass?

The regular price is $60. The Spokane Youth Card, a partnership with the City of Spokane, Spokane Public Schools, and Spokane Transit has been suspended for 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How do you pay for the bus in Minneapolis?

As you get on the bus, put cash in the farebox next to the driver. Fareboxes accept dollar bills, coins or tokens, but change is not available. If you have a Go-To Card, Metropass, U-Pass, College Pass or Student Pass, touch it to the Go-To logo on the card reader as you board.

How much is a student bus pass in Edmonton?

A Youth monthly pass cost $72.50. Students who occasionally use transit may purchase a Book of 10 Youth tickets for $19.75 (an $8 discount from adult price ).

How much is bus pass in Edmonton?

**Monthly passes are valid for one calendar month of travel on all ETS service. Current Fares – Effective February 1, 2021.

Cash $3.50
Ticket* (Book of 10) $27.75
Monthly Pass ** $100
Day Pass $10.25
Subsidized Pass See Ride Transit Program for details

How much is a seniors bus pass in Edmonton?

Seniors who earn less than $28,513 per year qualify for a free annual pass. Seniors who make more than $32,400 per year will pay $374 for an annual pass. More information on ETS passes can be found on the City of Edmonton’s website.

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How much is a Winnipeg bus pass?

2021 Fares

Fare Type Full Fare Senior Fare
7 day e- pass $27.00 $13.50
14 day e- pass $49.95 $25.00
21 day e- pass $74.25 $37.15
28 day e- pass $95.85 $47.95


How much is a bus ride in Winnipeg?

2021 Fares

Fare Type Full Fare Senior Fare
Cash $3.05 $2.55
peggo e-passes
e-cash* $2.70 $1.35
24 hour e-pass $10.00 $5.00


How do I apply for a low income bus pass in Winnipeg?

Where can I submit my application? Completed applications can be dropped off at one of our Transit Customer Service Centres; be submitted through our online portal or mailed to WINNpass, Winnipeg Transit Service Centre, Main Floor, 510 Main Street, R3B 1B9; or faxed to 204-986-3245.

How much is a 3-day bus pass in Vegas?

Fares: A two-hour bus pass costs $6, a 24-hour pass costs $8, and a three – day pass costs $20. Buses require exact fare.

How do you get around Vegas without a car?

The Las Vegas Monorail. One of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel the Strip is to take the Las Vegas Monorail. This transit system stretches 4 miles along the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard from the MGM Grand north to the SLS Las Vegas at Sahara Avenue.

How do I get a free bus pass in Las Vegas?

Dial 702-369-4357, or find other free diaper banks. Free Bus Passes may be passed out for those that need transportation to employment, a job interview, or doctor appointment. This can only be used at most twice per year. The passes are very limited in quantity.

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