Where is Frankie Smith now?

Smith died in Philadelphia on March 8, 2019; he was 65–66 years old.

Who sampled Double Dutch Bus?

Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris’s ‘Gossip Folks’ sample of Frankie Smith’s ‘ Double Dutch Bus ‘ | WhoSampled.

What does double dutch mean?

1: unintelligible language. 2: the jumping of two jump ropes rotating in opposite directions simultaneously.

How do you say Double Dutch?

For example, if you translate a name like “Mary” into Double Dutch, you will need to separate the word into its syllables: “Mar-y”. Then, you will break up the syllables into two: “Ma-r-y”. You will then place “vag” between each separate syllable and repeat the letter before the “vag” and the letter after the “vag”.

What year did double Dutch come out?

” Double Dutch ” is a 1983 single by Malcolm McLaren. It is taken from his debut album Duck Rock.

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