How much is a bus ticket to Mexico?

$120.00 is the average price of a bus ticket in Mexico.

Do you need a passport to go to Mexico by bus?

When returning to the U.S. by bus, Mexican citizens and foreign nationals need a passport and visa, a round-trip ticket and the address of where they will stay in the U.S. They’ll also need to fill out Form I 94, available at the border. Minors need proof of citizenship and an adult traveling companion.

Can I go to Mexico by bus?

Buses in Mexico may travel direct to their destination, they may stop every few minutes, or something in-between. Generally speaking, executive-class buses run non-stop to their destination; first class buses may make an intermediary stop at a major town or city en route; second class buses may stop everywhere.

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Can you take a Greyhound to Mexico?

Greyhound, an American brand more than a century old, began bus service in Mexico on July 15. For the first time, Greyhound has begun bus service within Mexico. The new route, which launched on Wednesday, links the cities of Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, and connects to cities in Texas too.

Is taking a bus to Mexico safe?

Bus travel in Mexico is generally safe as security staff continuously patrol bus stations. As it is the case with airports and train stations too, it is always good to stay alert and watch out for pickpockets and bag snatchers. A way to prevent theft would be to keep your valuables secured and out of sight.

What happens if you go to Mexico without a passport?

The Mexican government may not let U.S. citizens who are driving or walking to Mexico enter the country at land border crossings if they do not have a U.S. passport book or U.S. passport card.

Can I use my birth certificate to go to Mexico?

Children under the age of 16 traveling to and from Mexico by land or by sea can use their birth certificates, certificates of citizenship, or naturalization certificates to re- enter the country. However, children of any age traveling by air to and from Mexico must have a passport book.

Can I go to Mexico with a real ID?

No. REAL ID cards cannot be used for border crossings into Canada, Mexico or other international travel.

Can you take a bus from US to Mexico?

No, there is no direct bus from United States to Mexico.

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How much is a Greyhound bus ticket to Mexico?

Greyhound Bus Tickets to Mexico City, Chihuahua from $120.

Can I go to Mexico through the border?

Air travel between the United States and Mexico remains unrestricted. News of the extension for another month was confirmed by the US government’s CBP website. The Mexico -US land border is closed to all but “essential crossings.” Non-essential crossings are prohibited until at least May 21st, 2021.

What is the best bus line in Mexico?

The most well-known executive-class bus lines in Mexico are: ETN, Estrella de Oro’s Diamante Service, Costaline, ADO’s Platino and UNO brands, and Futura. Bus companies in Mexico are organized regionally, and you can find information about those companies on our extensive guide to bus travel.

What do you need to go to Mexico on bus?

Mexican citizens need a valid passport AND visa. Foreign nationals need a valid passport AND visa (depending on country of citizenship). A round trip ticket.

Can you ride Greyhound without ID?

Do I need an ID to board my bus? Yes, Greyhound requires you to present an ID to an agent to board the bus. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements.

What documents do I need to travel on Greyhound?

A: For print-at-home tickets, you must bring a valid photo ID and your printed ticket for each passenger to verify your reservation. For Will Call tickets, all you need to bring is a valid photo ID.

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