Where can I buy bus tokens?

You can buy a TAP card for $2:

  • Online at taptogo.net.
  • By phone at 866. TAPTOGO.
  • At over 450 vendor locations.
  • At TAP vending machines located at all Metro Rail, Silver Line and Orange Line stations, and at the El Monte station.
  • You can buy a TAP card at any Metro Customer Center.

How much does the Pvta cost?

Adult 13 and older – $1.50 $1.40 if purchased at the Customer Service Center. Transfer $0.25. Transfer time is 90 minutes. A transfer cannot be used on the same route.

How much is a bus pass in Michigan?


Pass Type Cost Fare Type
$2.00 31 Day Pass $66.00 Full Fare
$1.00 31 Day Pass $33.00 Youth (6 – 18 Years) Older Adult (65+ Years)
$.50 31 Day Pass $17.00 Older Adult (65+ Years) People with Disabilities
$11 Value Pass $10.00 Any


Are bus tokens still valid?

If you are currently in possession of tokens, you will still be able to use them to pay fare until November 29, 2019. However, you will no longer be able to purchase new ones. Current token holders are encouraged to load fare onto a TAP card, the safest and most convenient way to travel throughout LA County.

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Are old bus tokens worth anything?

The majority of transportation tokens sold are used. Many transit systems have moved away from tokens, so they are no longer valid for travel. However, used transportation tokens still have value as collectibles.

How much does the Silver Streak cost?

Cash TAP card
Silver Streak Adults $3.00 $2.75
Silver Streak Students $3.00 $2.75
Discount Silver Streak For eligible Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and Medicare Card holders $1.50 $1.25
Commuter Express Lines: 490, 493, 495, 498, 499, and 699 $5.50 $5.50

How do I pay for a CT Transit bus?

Fare payment is easy on CTtransit buses with cash, ticket and pass options.

How much is a bus ticket Northampton?

How much is Northampton buzz card and where can I buy it?

Ticket Price Where to buy
Adult day ticket £5 Buy from your bus driver
Child day ticket £3.80 Buy from your bus driver
Weekly card £19 Buy from your bus driver

How much is a monthly bus pass UK?


One Day Bus & Tram Pass 7 Day Bus & Tram Pass Monthly Bus & Tram Pass
£5.20 £21.90 £84.10

Is bus fare still free in Detroit?

Free bus rides in Detroit and its suburbs are ending soon. Beginning March 15, the Detroit Department of Transportation and Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation plan to resume fare collections, which were suspended almost one year ago as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Can I use my debit card on the bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

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How long is a bus transfer good for?

This new 1-Way Trip fare includes free transfers for up to two hours to complete a one-way trip.

Can I still use TTC tokens in 2020?

TTC tickets, tokens and passes are no longer available for sale in subway stations. You can still use previously purchased TTC tickets, tokens or passes you have to pay your fare. No end date has been set for when the TTC will stop accepting TTC tickets, tokens or cash.

How much is a 10 pack of tokens?

A 10 – pack costs $15.50. As a general rule, this is not a big problem, since odds are if you are taking SEPTA somewhere, you will need a pair of tokens – one for the way there, and one for the way back.

Are NYC subway tokens worth anything?

” Tokens range in cost from 15 cents to $200. ”Just a handful of them are worth more [than $200]. ” One factor in the value of a token is its composition.

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