Are Party Buses worth it?

Finding a party bus that fits your needs isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Party buses are an affordable and unique option for group transportation rentals for bachelor or bachelorette parties. That being said, there are many misconceptions about party buses.

How do party buses work?

Generally, a party bus is a custom conversion of a regular touring bus and is basically a nightclub on wheels, suitable for people of all ages. These vehicles feature luxurious styling, often with leather sofas and funky upholstery designs.

Are party buses legal in California?

While you’re allowed to drink at your own private party on the bus, California law dictates that any underage person on a party bus where there is alcohol must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 25 years old. Without a chaperone, it is likely that your under-21 guests will not be allowed on the bus.

Are party buses safe?

What many people don’t know is that party buses are akin to commercial vehicle crashes, if not worse. The injuries are often severe because of two things: a lack of adequate harnessing and the presence of alcohol. Injuries sustained in those types of crashes are devastating.

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How much is the cheapest party bus?

How much does a party bus cost? Party bus rental prices range anywhere from $150-$1,050, nationwide. However, most people pay $530-$624 to rent a party bus, with the average cost being $600.

Are party buses fun?

In the past years, party buses have hugely increased their popularity as one of the most fun means of transportation for an important event in someone’s life. You can pretty much think of them as a secluded nightclub on wheels, where you can enjoy some fun hours with your friends.

Can you stand up in a limo?

Although it seems like lots of fun to stand and wave to all the passerby’s while the limo is driving, it is completely unsafe. Do not hang from the window whether the limousine is stationary or is moving. Do no jump up and down while inside the vehicle, it puts extra stress on the suspension.

What are party buses used for?

The purpose of a Party Bus is to provide a fun atmosphere for recreational activities for groups of people. They are operated by professional drivers who know the area well, and aim to make events even more enjoyable and memorable.

How many people fit in a limo?

In terms of limousines, you do have options. For a standard stretch limousine, you can expect to be able to hold up to 6 people per limo. Super Stretch limousines can hold up to 14 people, and then you have the SUV limousines.

Is it legal to drink in a limo in California?

A “motor vehicle” means any vehicle that is self-propelled. However, California’s law against drinking in a motor vehicle does NOT apply to passengers in buses, taxis and limousines that carry passengers for hire and are licensed to do so—the classic examples being “party buses” and rented limousines.

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Why can you drink in a limo?

In other jurisdictions there is no open containers are allowed in cars at all, in these cases drinking in limos is still allowed because: 1 the compartments are separated like you said and 2 because the driver is a professional and is expected to conduct himself professionally (and not drink or be distracted by a bunch

Do limos come with alcohol?

2) You can ‘t be the one providing the alcohol. If your friends or whoever you’re driving wants to bring their booze along, it’s fine, but if you provide it and it’s included in the overall cost of the limo service, it constitutes a sale, and limo companies aren’t generally licensed to sell alcohol.

Do limos have seat belts?

Federal regulations require most vehicles to be fitted with seat belts. So a stretch limo that has backward-facing and/or sideways-facing seats isn’t required to have seat belts.

How much money is a limo?

The average cost to rent a limo is $70 to $150 per hour with most people spending $425 to $950 to rent a limo for a night. The cost of a limo rental for a wedding ranges from $500 to $1,100, while limo prices for prom range from $270 to $400. Get free estimates from limo rental services near you.

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