How much is Pace bus?

CTA and Pace

Ventra Cash or Contactless
Full Fare Cash Fare
CTA “L” train fare Ventra$2.50* Cash or Contactless$2.50*
CTA Bus fare Ventra$2.25 Cash or Contactless$2.50
Pace Bus fare Ventra$2.00 Cash or Contactless$2.25

How do you use the Pace bus?

Pay your exact fare into the fare box. If you have purchased a reloadable VentraTM Card or are using a personal contactless bankcard, simply tap your card on the reader and board the bus. VentraTM Cards can be loaded with value using the Ventra App.

Can you pay Google on pace bus?

It’s getting easier to travel around Chicagoland. Soon you’ll be able to add your Ventra Card to Google Pay and tap to ride on CTA and Pace using transit value or passes. Just tap and go with Ventra and Google Pay.

Do Ventra cards work on Pace buses?

Ventra is the fare payment system for Pace and CTA. NOW. Riders can also pay with cash (using exact change) or contactless bank cards. Transfers to/from other Pace and CTA fixed route buses and trains are only available using a Ventra card or a contactless bank card registered with Ventra.

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Do you have to pay for Pace?

PACE covers all Medicare- and Medicaid-covered care and services, and other services that the PACE team of health care professionals decides are necessary to improve and maintain your health. If you have Medicaid, you won’t have to pay a monthly premium for the long‑term care portion of the PACE benefit.

How much is the bus fare in Chicago?

Fare chart

BASE/REGULAR FARES (as deducted from transit value in a Ventra account) Full Reduced
‘L’ train fare $2.50 * $1.25
Bus fare 2.25 1.10
Transfer(up to 2 additional rides within 2 hrs) .25 .15
PASSES (load onto Ventra account) Full Reduced


How do you pay for Pace?

Paying with a Ventra Card is the best way. Ventra is the fare payment system for Pace and the CTA. Riders are encouraged to get a Ventra Card and register a transit account at or by calling 1.877.

Does Pace bus have an app?

The Ventra app, available for Apple or Android phones, provides real-time transit information for Pace, CTA and Metra services. Download it to your phone today to track your buses and trains, as well as ensure your Ventra Card always has a pass or adequate transit value loaded.

Is Pace bus a government agency?

Pace, the Suburban Bus Division of the Regional Transportation Authority, provides public transportation services to Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Kane, and McHenry counties in Northeastern Illinois. Services include fixed bus routes, ADA/paratransit, vanpools, and automated ride-matching at

Can I use my phone to pay on the bus?

Using a mobile payment to pay as you go is the same as using a contactless card. You can make mobile payments with devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, stickers or wristbands. You can use different mobile payments to travel on our transport services: Apple Pay.

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Can you pay with debit card on bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

Can I use Ventra card for purchases?

Regular Ventra Cards offer a prepaid debit option which, if activated, allows you to load money into a prepaid debit account and use your Ventra Card to make regular retail purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Ventra Cards are now transit-only and will no longer support the prepaid debit functionality.

Can you use a Ventra card on Metra?

It allows you to use a Ventra card to buy Metra tickets (but a Ventra card is not required – you can just use any credit or debit cards if you prefer). For CTA and Pace customers who use a Ventra card, it allows you to manage your Ventra card’s transit accounts.

How much money do I have on my ventra?

You can check the balance on your Ventra Card by simply touching your Card to the circular card reader on any Ventra Vending Machine.

What can I use my Ventra card for?

Ventra Card: a transit + optional Debit MasterCard® that can be used for transit and everyday purchases. Ventra Tickets: single-ride and One-day passes. Personal, contactless, bank-issued credit and debit cards can be used for transit.

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