How do I use import me Bus?

Attach the import bus to any block containing items and feed it into the network via ME cable. By default, it will pull all items in that unit back into the ME network.

How do you use toggle bus?

To remove the Toggle Bus simply remove the cable to which it is attached. Use an ME Inverted Toggle Bus when deactivation of the transmission is desired upon applying the signal.

ME Toggle Bus
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)


How do I connect wireless terminal?

To use, link the Terminal to the ME Network by inserting it into the ME Security Terminal connected to the Network to be accessed (if more than one). This will sync the Wireless Terminal to the network allowing remote communication. Only one ME Network can be linked per Wireless Terminal at a time.

How do you export fluids from ME system?

The ME Fluid Export Bus is an item added by Extra Cells. It will attempt to push the configured fluid into the attached fluid, such as a Portable Tank. To configure a fluid, put a bucket of the fluid in the square slot.

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ME Fluid Export Bus
Name ME Fluid Export Bus
Source Mod Extra Cells
ID Name Unknown
Type Item


How does export bus work ae2?

The ME Export Bus extracts items from the ME Network’s Networked Storage and places them into the inventory it faces. You must configure which items it will insert, leaving the configuration blank will result in nothing.

What does a fuzzy card do?

The Fuzzy Card is an item added by the Applied Energistics 2 mod. This Card adds a Fuzzy damage comparison tab to ME Network devices. Settings may be adjusted to pre-set percentages to filter items. The Fuzzy Card may be added to the ME Storage Cell and the View Cell using a Cell Workbench.

How do I access Me system from anywhere?

The ME Wireless Access Terminal is an item added by the Applied Energistics mod. A wireless version of the ME Access Terminal which connects to the ME Network via an ME Wireless Access Point. To use, link the Terminal to the ME Network by inserting it into the ME Controller of the Network to access (if more than one).

How do I pump fluid into me system?

As the name implies it will interface between the ME Network and fluid storage and transport systems, such as Fluiduct, Tank and Drum. From left to right, the slots for each face are down, up, North, South, West, and East.

ME Fluid Interface
Name ME Fluid Interface
Source Mod Extra Cells
ID Name Unknown
Type Item


How do you use an ME chest?

The ME Chest is the simplest way to use an ME Storage cell. It will give you direct access to the contents of the cell placed in the very top, right slot. The ME Chest requires a small amount of power to run on its own, or you can plug it into a network via ME Cable so it can get power directly from an ME Controller.

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What does a storage bus do?

The ME Storage Bus, when attached to another inventory block in the world lets you access that inventory via networked functions. This allows you to use chests, barrels, or other types of item storage in your networks.

How do I make my own storage system?

Place some storage chests, recommended at least 5 (even the expensive 64K byte storage cell will only hold 63 slots), fill them with storage cells (64k, 4k or 1k) and hook them up to the controller with ME Cables. You can also use an ME Drive, which is like a chest but holds 10 storage disks instead of one.

How do I upgrade my storage?

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