Which direction is the bus going?

The fact that you can’t see the doors means they are on the other side. This is first key to solving the brain-teaser. 2 For people in the UK and India where people drive on the left side of the road, the bus is going towards the right.

Which direction is the RV traveling brain teaser?

When most people are shown this brain teaser, they often answer “ left.” Why? “Because you can’t see the door.” Obviously, this works in countries where you drive on the right side of the road, like the US and continental Europe; it would be the reverse in countries where you drive on the left side, such as the UK.

Can you guess who is left handed and why?

Answer: It’s irregular to serve drinks with left hand for a right handed person. So the answer is 5! Click on the pin for more brain teasers!

Which figure should be placed in the empty triangle?

Which figure should be placed in the empty triangle? SOLUTION: The top number minus the bottom left-hand number is multiplied by the bottom right-hand number to give the number inside the triangle.

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Is the inner shape a real circle?

Answer: yes, they’re both true circles!

What is a bus in a logic problem?

In computer parlance a bus is usually a group of signal lines connecting multiple devices.

Who is left handed brain teaser?

So, the correct answer is: It’s the waiter! It’s conventional to carry a tray in your left hand in order to be able to move the plates with your right hand.

How do you test if you are left handed?

Left – handedness test

  1. Imagine the centre of your back is itching.
  2. Interlock your fingers.
  3. Imagine you are applauding.
  4. Wink at an imaginary friend straight in front of you.
  5. Put your hands behind your back, one holding the other.
  6. Someone in front of you is shouting but you cannot hear the words.

Can you tell who is left handed riddle?

Who Is Left – Handed Riddle. It’s irregular to serve drinks with left hand for a right – handed person. So, the answer is 5.

What is the missing number in the fourth triangle?

the answer of this question will be 49.

Which number is missing from the final triangle?

Answer Expert Verified Answer is 48. The way to solve this is on the left hand side of the triangle you would add the top and the very left number. In this case 6+2=8. Next you will multiply the number you just found from the two left numbers to the very right number.

What number fits in last triangle?

THE ANSWER IS 7 Did you find the answer?

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